Magdalena's Cakes made for SCA Events

These are cakes (some of which would qualify as subtleties) which were decorated for events held by the Barony of Cynnabar, my local branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). This is a non profit educational group which endeavors to recreate parts of the middle ages and reniassance. For more information on the SCA, follow the link at the end of this page to my Medieval Miscellany.

These pictures are in chronological order, so that if you wish you can see how I've improved over time (for example, the maypole cake is not frosted as smoothly as it should be by my current standards).

-Lady Magdalena Vogelsang-


Maypole Cake
May 1996
Terpsichore at the Tower II

The SPAM Cake
November 1996
Okay, this one was not for an SCA event, but I suspect many SCA folk will find it amusing.

Flower Basket Cake
April 1997
Terpsichore at the Tower III

Set of 3 Heraldic Cakes
May 1997
Midrealm A&S and Crown Tourney

Basket Cake
May 1998
Terpsichore at the Tower IV

Cynnabar Tower Cake
April 1999, repeated in April 2000
Terpsichore at the Tower V and VI

Holiday Yule Log
December 1999, 2000, 2001
Cynnabar Wassail

Princess Elayna's Birthday Cake
December 1999, Cynnabar Wassail

Cake with Juggling balls
January 2000

Cynnabar Rock Cake
April 2001, 2002
Terpsichore at the Tower VII and VIII

Marzipan and almond pinecones w/ chocolate amaretto glaze
January 2002
12th Night, Subtletie for High Table

Heraldic Elephant Cake
March, 2003
Terpsichore at the Tower IX

Lute Cake
March, 2004
Terpsichore at the Tower X

Unicorn Tapestry Cake
(w/ gumpaste decorations)

April, 2005
Terpsichore at the Tower XI

Arbeau's Orchesographie, Book Cake
April, 2006
Terpsichore at the Tower XII

Caroso's Il Ballarino, Book Cake
April, 2006
Terpsichore at the Tower XII

Negri's Le Gratie d'Amore, Book Cake
March, 2007
Terpsichore at the Tower XIII

Playford's The English Dancing Master, Book Cake
March, 2007
Terpsichore at the Tower XIII

Guest Artists Spotlight: The Peep Wars

For the past several Terpsichore Dessert revels, I've done a relatively serious subtletie, and Lutr and Siubhan have done silly ones involving battling Peep marshmallow critters. I don't have photos of the first two years (so if anyone has pics of the original field battle or the bridge battle the following year, I'd love to have a copy) but here are the last three episodes of the Peep Wars series.
The Woods Battle
A Castle Siege complete with a trebuchet and boiling oil
A Jousting Tournament with a reviewing stand and chocolate armor

Modern Cakes for weddings of SCA folk

In fact, to date I have ONLY done wedding cakes for SCA friends, since cakes are a hobby for me and not a profession. I normally average about one wedding cake per year, which is plenty given the resulting stress level on my part.

Midair and Alina
(vanilla w/ chocolate creme filling, covered w/ rolled fondant)
November 1997

Theodorin and Anne
(red velvet w/ cream cheese filling, buttercream icing, and fresh flowers)
February 2000

Donettienne and Verrix
(chocolate w/ cherry filling and chocolate buttercream icing)
June, 2001

Kieran and Emmelyn
(assorted flavors, covered w/ white chocolate fondant & gumpaste leaves)
October, 2001

Ilona and Russ
(w/ white chocolate fondant and fresh fruit)
October, 2004

Siubhan and Lutr
(w/ buttercream icing, dried buttercream pansies & gumpaste ivy)
May, 2005

Parsla and Xavier
(w/ fondant vines and gumpaste flowers)
June, 2005

David and Malaika
September, 2006

Adele and Jodi
January, 2007

Daria and Adam
Surprise Mini Cake
April, 2007

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