Lute Cake

This cake was baked for the dessert revel at the SCA event Terpsichore at the Tower X, hosted by the Barony of Cynnabar in March, 2004.

The cake was three layers, one of vanilla cake, one of red velvet and one of chocolate. Cardboard supports were used between the layers, and dowels were inserted into the lower layers to hold up the weight of those above. The neck was formed using a plastic half tube filled with cake, and then iced over, with carboard supports to help hold up the end.

The icing was tinted using cocoa powder, plus a bit of golden yellow food color to warm up the tone. The cake was decorated in buttercream icing, with uncooked angel hair pasta used for the strings. The rose (design over the hole) was piped using the frozen buttercream transfer method. Waxed paper was taped over the pattern, the design was traced on with piped buttercream then placed in the freezer to harden, then darker chocolate icing was added on top, and the piece frozen again. The piece could then be flipped onto the cake, and the wax paper peeled off. The pegs were buttercream piped over toothpicks. The entire cake was brushed with a light layer of clear piping gel, to both give it a look of wood grain and a laquered look.

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