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In order to condensed this document, We will conclude with a brief list of actions to be implemented in the War on Money. Each item on this list must be implemented with accuracy and the vigor in which this system of money was instituted. It should be noted that Sun Tzu - The Art of War and Nicolos Machiavelli - The Prince should be thoroughly studied before engaging in such a conflict!

1.) Recycling - This is key and part of the industrial revolution based on Ma'at. Placing emphasis on reuse and regiving love, it can be in full gear in 7 yrs. This strategy involves miniturizing the Bop Shops and recycling plants so that they are distributed universally within local neighborhoods.

It removes the focus from standard "material" money, to varying "material" money. And sentimental values will be placed on various materials. This will broaden the sentimental "money" concept from those who collect coins, to those who collect any metal, paper, glass, or plastic.

2.) Steam - This power source will decentralize the electricity monopoly, when combined with solar and other portable generators. It too can be fully operational in 10 years. (i.e. Solar powered steam generators - work with sunlight or burning wood/coal if dark). Even nuclear power plants generate energy from "steam". It is a reliable energy source and when solarly generated around the equator, it becomes free and dependable as well.

We must also utilize alternative energy sources like windmills, springs, and gravity (to generate enormous energy). Simple technology revisited is the place to start - portable millers, lathes,and foundries to miniturize industry. The Lindsay and Gingery Press is a great place to go into detail on Machining. We don't want this revolution to lose steam and become a mere movement!

3.) Consumables - Soap/Deodorant/Toothpaste etc. must be miniturized in production to form a solid "base" for an economy. This unites with the farming industry to form an Agricultural Revolution based on Ma'at and is a constant on-going process. Affordable, portable and efficient distillers are to be created and distributed in order to separate various chemicals. This is Also generated from "Steam" and combines with the aforementioned method.

4.) Remove all forms of Usury - Interest based on "outrageous" Credit. The explanation of money shows how this concept leads to The Love of Money. Removing this concept diminishes the material value of money even greater. Love is give and regive not give and take more. In fact debts are to be eliminated after 7 years as it also says in the Torah. This ensures the give/regive balance of love!

The methods to do this varies and will change based on industry. The 9-11-01 attacks on the economy lead to 0.00% A.P.R. within the car industry. Such militant means need and MUST NOT be taken, but the peaceful means need not be discussed publicly.

5.) Take property taxes and gov't taxes out of work - which will be the only link to physical "money" once Ma'at is up on its feet. By reducing money to its bare bones, land becomes money as "The Prince" will show. A King must have a Kingdom. But since all revolutions are over land and the control (ownership) of it, we must safegaurd this concept from leading to Gold rushes, greed, and national conquest over the Love of Land. After all this is what lead to Noreiga's and The Natives demise.

The only way to make the concept of land ownership fit into the concept of Ma'at is to have those whom work the land to own it. This would eliminate slavery, slave wages, corporate take overs and wars over ownership of land. It gives all citizens the right to own the land they work on. With this done a person's work becomes a labor of love, the final stronghold of "material" money will be broken and Ma'at - "Love" prevails.

6.) Make all Doctors, Hospitals, and Water FREE to citizens, taxes pay for this form of security instead of bigger and better guns.

7.) Divide the land based on Ethniticity. All revolutions are based on land and/or land utilization. And ethnic groups tend to naturally bind together. A peaceful coexistence will emerge from this Natural Law sooner than forcing multi-ethnic groups to compete for diminishing land based on nationality.

Racism began when Mendel showed Genetic Superiority (dominance) in the Darker Races, prompting Darwin to derive his "Theory" of Evolution and dividing Science and Religious concepts of "Creation". However, a pure science like Genetics and DNA requires the "Scientific Method" and "Control-able, reproducable, experimentation" whereas "Evolution" is merely a "Belief" based on "Genetic" detective work and finding or "ASSUMING" relations without any experimentation.

Even though "evolution" is based on genetic concepts, the very notion of "survival of the fittest" and "natural selection" provided the racial animus that has endured over the centuries. As technology progresses, people shall be able to manipulate DNA and create their own species by genetic manipulation - or Play "God". This very technology may then be lost by a "great catastrophy" (such as a flood) and 100,000 or more years later, the surviving human race creates a theory of how the very species that we created by scientific knowledge "evolved".

Without any scientific experimentation, one can not accurately define the causes of genetic mutatations. And given a fact that non-random causes of genetic mutation exist like "radiation", one definitely can not say that such mutations were a result of "natural selection", "randomness" or "survival of the fittest". In fact, "Religion" teaches that "God" and the "Angels" are beings that caused such a Genetic Mutation to form human beings.

To facilitate harmony in race relations, each person is simply given a standard plot of land based on the abundance ratios and evironment. This is the 40 Acres and a Mule promised by America and the owner may do whatever they wish to do with this land in accordance with communal laws of Love and Balance.

8.) Make the Following Changes to the Justice System. This is done through the courts system itself by using groups and organizations prepared to battle these issues.

  1. legalize all drugs. Driveby's started with the mophia because of the illegalization of Alcohol. Cocaine is a 800 BILLION Dollar a year industry that is not going away by locking people up and just saying "NO".

    It as well as other drugs were free and legal for 1000's of years until "money" took over. Today "crack" can be used as money in Black communities And the gov't is doing precisely that throughout America. FORBIDDING ANYTHING Taken from the land that does not cause INVOLUNTARY direct harm to others is forbidden in Universal Law. Remember NO Harm No Foul.

  2. No Insurance can be required by law - car, life, etc. Medical is taken care of by taxes and that's security. Insurance is just another way for those with money to make more based on what "could" happen. It is a belief and not a law because laws are based on what "did" happen.

    By being a belief, it impedes first amendments rights and instead of looking to the creator for Assurance, the society is forced to go to the rich for insurance. The gov't says we need car insurance because we "may" harm someone else, But No harm NO Foul. And Since the taxes will provide medical insurance, every citizen is covered if a accident does happen to occur.

    Statistics show that 10% of the people with cars get in accidents. This means that 90% of the people with cars are paying for something that they will never need. This doesn't seem fair in a society in which the majority rules. Imagine the wild, wild, west requiring horses (the former mode of transportation) to be insured because of what "may" happen. War would have broken out, like it is soon to happen if we don't start instituting some of these changes. To by-pass Constitutional rights, Laws were made requiring "Proof of Insurance or Financial Responsibility".

    But One can then ask - Is not one innocent until proven guilty? In other words, the state must prove that One did not have insurance and not place the burden of proof of innocense or insurance on the citizen. And in fact, insurance companies started reporting to the state when someone's insurance was "cancelled"; but not when it was instated or re-instated! As far as the state is concerned, if someone switched from Progressive to Geico, they were breaking the law, turned in by Progressive, and had to show proof that they switched to Geico. Why? because the state can NOT prove that someone did NOT have insurance and MUST place the burden of proof on the citizen.

  3. Give all citizens the right to drive a car, which is appropriate and necessary to prevent the masses from exercising their right to bear arms and form a militia (not hunt). We can easily see how Life, Liberty, and the Persuit of happines is voilated by Licenses and Priveledges.

    We now have a society in which a person has a right to bear arms to provide for himself and family, but it is a priviledge to drive a car in order to do so. This is because providing for the family was not inferred by "The Right to Bear Arms".

    This right applied to "Forming Militias" so that the gov't could not become so powerful as to impose privledges that impedes the citizen's basic freedoms such as providing for their family. This is what the car licenses and laws does. Every go for a Job or see a listing stating that a Valid Driver's License is required!

    It's easy to tell the invalid laws, because they are broken without remorse or shame. If you had no money, and your family were starving, wouldn't you fish or hunt (without shame) whether you had a license of not?! And we see so many people drive from court after the judge told them that their license was suspended. Should a man need a "Permit" to build a shelter for himself? NO Harm, No Foul!

  4. Let family/friends of a victim or the victim themselves decide the punishment within the boundaries of Universal Law. In the case of capitol punishment, let them execute it. In the case of prison sentences, none can be longer that 7 years and all money made goes to the family of victims or the victims themselves.

    The state started locking people up just to get money for themselves. The corporations are investing in the prison system because it is the new form of slavery. The convicts have caused a crime on society, but they hurt the individual victim much more in most cases. And if a convict works the land, it belongs to him as stated above - this will eliminate this form of slavery also.

  5. All laws are based on universal law and wrong doing to others. The conspiracy crimes are the what if catch all's that insurance does with money. The rule is: No Harm No Foul.. And see how so many of these money generating laws disappear. No one can be sure of what "would" have happened, although negligence can apply after the fact.

    A person can legally buy a gun, plot and plan to assasinate a prominent political figure, and then get a change of heart at the last second. If the gun and plans were found before the crime was to take place, then this person could be charged with conspiracy to commit murder, though he did no wrong and caused no harm.

    If this doesn't seem ridiculous to you, then assume that the scenario is the same, but the person plans to commit suicide. Can this person be charged with conspiracy to commit suicide? Even though attempted murder and suicide are both illegal and evidentially provable, conspiracy to commit suicide is just as evidentially unprovable as conspiracy to commit murder or any other conspiracy crime for that matter.

Each item on this list can be elaborated upon, but this is a document, not a book :) The details and reasoning becomes clear, as you study the statements. This can be done in 49 years and better be done peacefully or it will be done violently.

It will however take a massive effort by a large number of people working individually and collectively on various goals. Some means are political, some economical, others are educational or philosophical, and some are down right forceful. A general uses all weapons at his disposal to his advantage.

Now we need the courage and organization to put forth the efforts defined aboved. The First Thing to do to prepare the people for war is to cultivate the spirit. This is done (FOR FREE) in the Book: Let there be Light. Click this link for a quick "Opening of the Third Eye" . And for the Scientific Minded, The Unified Field Theory is now online in its entirety.

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