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As a scribe you may publish your own Ebook for FREE using this program for evaluation. You do NOT have to be a builder or initiate to become a scribe.

And even if you have NO internet skills or desires, you still have the option of becoming a scribe by providing us with the information in word format. For a minimal Fee (depends upon size) you'll receive your own ebook generated from HTML source (both password protected and encrypted for marketing purposes).

Whatever method you chose, you may then sell your Ebook Globally over the internet with $0.00 operational costs by using Click Bank and it's full automation service.

As a Scribe you are responsible for recruiting citizens, initiates, builders and/or other scribes. We will help you to set up your own message board and newsletters to be distributed locally - FREE of charge because it is your duty to write.
College professors or High school teachers should take advantage of this offer - especially if you teach a computer course. There are already online universities etc. with online books. But traditional books can be encoded in HTML and protected to be sold to students or given away for free.

This can be the book for your course. And if it is lost, the student can just download another copy and it will work without paying for it again. Examples can be encoded and executed within the ebook itself also.

You may also place Homework assignments within the ebook (That vary from semester to semester), and time date the solutions for the day after they are due. The actual assignment can be timedated as well, so that no one can do it before a certain date. Programs can be written to grade multiple choice or even physical word problems. You then have a self-teaching course, but you will still be needed for support.

Notes can be made within the Ebook and saved within a text file, and even exchanged electronically - Highlights can be placed as this file is. No costly copying fees and the real beauty in this concept is that you can add voice - for foreign language, video for lab procedures, and interaction for all courses. And even if you are sick, with the ability to execute external files, you may place instructions that only substitutes or assistants can access. The possibilities are endless!

For instance, you may keep statistics on which sections are read, and how long it takes to read a particular section. This can identify problem sections and/or problem students. Try doing that with a regular book! You may do the same with Homework assignments. And the deal clincher is that when final time comes, you can make your own time-dated "Crash" study ebook and practice exam!
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