The Love of Money
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We will give a very brief discourse on money, so that this concept is clear in the minds of the readers, thus clarifying the aims of the war on "Money". Today 95% of the crimes or people in prison is directly related to money - or the lack of it. "When Starving you eat whatever's there, You know the rules in the streets - whatever's fair" (DMX).

Drugs sold for money constitutes 95% of the Federal prison population - and the drugs are and will always be here. Burglaries and robberies and even embezzlement is for money. This middle man called "money" replaced bartering.

It started out in this society as gold or silver coins or metals. Once banks were developed to store money, the bankers devised a clever scheme to make money off of the money they had. This scheme is called credit (based on interest) and produces inflation.

Instead of bankers just holding the money or gold given to them, they gave it to someone else and charged a fee for this loan. This fee is called "Usury" in the Torah and is strictly forbidden by Jewish Law for obvious reasons. It lead to the love of money and a steadily decreasing value of money called inflation. This wouldn't be so bad, but it leaves the people steadily wanting more money, instead of "Love".

Within a few years after this practice of credit was instituted in the banking system, all the gold and silver backing the paper "greenbacks" or Dollars was exhausted. Now the only way to back the "dollar" is with military/industrial power. And since the gov't hast this power, they can collect money at will, but the people can not.

So all this society does is print more paper money for its citizens, and eventually take back the land, materials, or whatever this money buys through mortgages, taxes, insurance, or depression if necessary. And since this paper money means nothing to other countries, it uses it's military might to take whatever it wants.

This is what was done with Noriega and the Panama Canal. Diplomatic Immunity didn't exist for him How would Americans feel if the President of the U.S. were taken to another country and prosecuted for violating their laws? This is why such a thing as Diplomatic Immunity exists and NO President or Leader of a county was to be charged with violating another countries laws.

Perhaps a President can be charged with violating International Law in an Internation Court. But Since Internatiatiol Law and Enforcements has failed to prevent wars, we must resort to The Universal Law of Love - "NO HARM NO FOUL". And even with International Law such a broad illegality as Narcotics for All Nations will never be agreed upon by all nations. And surely the country's sovereignty should not be violated for breaking such Laws.

Narcotics were free and legal for 1000's of years before this system of money took over, plants were here before us and will be here after us, and based on the Christian religious background of this Very U.S. of A. God gave man permission to eat of any tree on this planet earth (except one). And we even ate of the forbidden fruit as well. So what God allowed and said was "Good", what ruler can forbid and say that it is "bad"? Is in not what comes out of a man's mouth that defiles him, and not what goes in? The U.S.A is trying to, but the result will show who knows best.

The Rosthchilds and others who formed the banking industry fully documented the scheme and we can describe it no better than them. So we will skip to the way of eliminating material "money".

The Natives of this country bartered and didn't own land or have the universal material money concept. They traded things of sentimental, emotional, or pratical value to each other. They already had Gold and Silver, so it had no practical value as Universal "money" to them.

In order to subdue them, licenses were formed to fish, hunt or any means that they traditionally used to live and provide for their families. And also ownership of land was instituted, which sealed their fate as long as they lived on this earth.

So to get a license required money as well as to own land and the natives could no longer live in the way in which they were accustomed. They had to work for the conquerors in order to obtain the conqueror's money to live. This bread dependance on the social structure and Universal material as the basis for trade.

So destroying "material" money, which leads to the "Love of Money" means returning back to this old social concept of bartering. The Strategies of War to accomplish this task is henceforth summarized.

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