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I am just an average person who has received a message based on knowledge from The 0 . Coupled with the burning desire to communicate this message to The 0 ’s Children, I deemed it essential to study various scientific disciplines (Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Computers) as well as many religious, spiritual and philosophical materials (Kybalion, Kosmology, Gnosticism, illuminate, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Essenes).

These studies were necessary in order for me to innerstand the message being relayed in this text and verify that this message was truthful and timeless. I have made this message easily innerstandable by the lay person and do not claim to be a master of any belief but a servant of the truth. This message goes beyond religious beliefs and is Knowledge of the truth.

Though I may seem arrogant and like a know-it-all at times, I am on the same journey as you - To know-the-All. I offer a different explanation for various scientific and religious beleifs. For All truths are but Half Truths (Kybalion). I meet creationist and evolutionists in the Middle Path And as Solomon (Song of Solomon 1:6) says: "Look not upon me, because I am Black, because the Sun has Looked upon me... This wisdom is for everyone.

I have communicated various pieces of this message several times on various radio stations, internet chat rooms, as well as to a select group of peers. Now it is time to reveal this knowledge to ALL who can hear. Specifically the 144,000 children of The 0 must hear this message. The Direct Descendants of Geb/Gab rah el with the "Gift of Gab". And NOW The multitude of those who seek to become one with the 0 or Citizens of The Ma'at Society are welcome to receive this message. Please make me aware of any grammatical or other errors in the text.

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