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This theory is released for the ingenious beauty of it, in hopes that the truth in it will surface in the not too distant future. Existing in the eyes of the beholder, beauty is qualified by genius separating it from mathematical, scientific, or artistic beauty.

To a pure mathematician, beauty exists in the equations or definability; to a scientist beauty exists in the determinism or predictability; and to an artist beauty exists in the angles. To a genius, beauty exists in the self-referential integrity or the beauty of the whole must be defined as the beauty in the smallest.

The UFT leads to an Universal Equation (UE) and the UE to the "Theory of Everything" (defining mass) and the Theory of "Nothing" (defining space). The term “UFT” references a theory that unifies the concept of the "Field" as 3 dimensional time, subsequently defining the 4 fundamental forces with this Unified Field Concept (theory).

The Large Hadron Collider will show that the "theoretical" GOD Particle (Higgs Boson) does not exist. Even if the Higgs Boson is proven to exist, science clearly dictates that this particles constituents must then be determined. Without a particle to generate mass, logically mass must be considered as an "anamoly of energy".

The purpose of this UFT is to define this "anamoly of energy" - using Space and Time as the ONLY axioms and the theory of light as a foundation. By defining "Mass" itself, which "every-real-thing" (except light) is assumed to contain, this theory becomes a "Theory of Everything".

The Mass/Energy Equivalence relates mass to energy. However, since energy is defined using mass, the Mass/Energy relationship does not define mass as an "anamoly of energy". By using Space and Time as basic axioms and incorporating the mass-less phenomena known as light, this theory eloquently relates mass to a property of light.

It must be noted that the UFT can not be understood without first grasping the concept of Time Normalization. This unique and provable concept removes time from motion.

It must also be clearly understood that this theory is an ongoing process. Although the 99% quantum probability curves defining the shape of atomic orbitals coincides with the proposed shape of time, the Strong and Weak Nuclear forces are not totally incorporated into a unifying equation.

It must be stressed that: the key issue is that of defining a "Unified Field" and proving that such a definition can be incorporated into scientific relations. The Universal Equation adds depth to the proof of incorporation and provides a means to unify the 4 fundamental forces; but it does not provide a general equation as of yet.

However, this theory proposes that such an equation will use the provided definition of the UFT (s3) in a polynomial equation with various Constants for each fundamental force.

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