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Questioning the origin of the material universe requires making the basic assumption that: there was a time when matter did not exist. Assuming a preexisting space and time are valid physical axioms, but assuming a preexistent mass contradicts the very hypothesis of the material universe having an origin. Thus, by logical deduction, this theory assumes that: there was a time when "Nothing" existed.

Defining the origin of matter requires an accurate definition of “matter”. Thus, this theory defines all physical phenomena (including mass itself) using Space and Time ONLY – the epitome and logical necessity of any grand unification theory.

Even if viewed as crack-pot physics, the simplistic beauty and sheer comprehensiveness of this “theory” warrants a Star Trek Episode☺ Underestimating the sound reasoning and valid equations are the usual results of an apparent “substitution” proving to be a theory so well formulated, it defines an “Equation of Every-thing”, meaning mass, yet so invisible, it must be proven to be a "theory”.

Therefore, a theory is defined as: an inhomogeneous relationship between axioms or assumed truths. Inhomogeneity implies a different dimension or concept to form the relationship - differentiating theories from formulas used to convert congruent units of measurement.

"Provable” theories must define equation(s) depicting the essence of the relationship(s). The mass/energy relationship E = mc2 is inhomogeneous and can be considered a theory - not being a formula to convert between congruent units of measurement (i.e. Joules to BTU's).

Defining “mass” with an inhomogeneous relationship qualifies this theory. The existence of space and time and the congruence of matter and mass are taken to be the ONLY axioms. By creating a mass/light relationship this ”theory” is as valid as the mass/energy relationship – yet more meaningful and beautiful.

The “theoretical” unit called the “space-time” hypothesizes an inhomogeneous relationship between mass, space, time and light and the Unifying Equation (UE): m = c3 states that mass is created by time acting upon space at harmonic frequencies that are correlated to and definable by light.

Substituting the theorized relationship in proven formulas provides validation through dimensional analysis. The Kilogram (kg) is substituted with the space-time (m3/s3) to prove a dimensional correlation exists at c3. The theory states that the “equivalence” of mass defined by c3 as the base harmonic is the only quantity that validates the “substitution” - accurately defining natural phenomena such as density.

No reasonable scientist can ignore the proximity or dimensionality of c3 (2.694400241 x 1025 m3/s3) to Loschmidt's Constant (2.6867775 x 1025 m-3) - the number of molecules in one cubic meter of a gaseous substance under ordinary conditions of temperature and pressure.

The formula to convert a space-time to a kilogram would require experimentation with gas effusion rates providing indisputable proof of the theory via density. However, dimensional analysis proves that c3 is related to molecular volume and mass and defined constants quantifies “3” as the only exponent of “c” providing the exact dimensional and quantitative equivalence.

Extending the current concept of time from a linear (s) or circular (s2) measure of change into a “spherical” (s3) measure of change, is necessary to effectively represent the converse of space - occupying 3 different dimensions of “change” (s3) instead of “length” (m3).

By “Solidifying” the concept of time, it becomes constant, never actually changing, but a phenomena so powerful it changes everything else including space itself. Time doesn't change but all things change in time. The “density” of matter is then definable as a multiplication of “change” in “time” as easily as the “volume” of matter is defined by a multiplication of “length” in “space”.

As a side effect of volumetric requirements, the Newtonian point-particle kinematics are extended to “volumed” particles – naturally displacing volume in movement forming a space-time unit.

Not only is the space-time unity defined, but the dynamics of light to create “mass” in space-time are related by the simple equation: m = c3 - simultaneously answering “what matter is and where it comes from” - LIGHT! This equation represents a statement so profound, it exists at the heart of most esoteric doctrine (All or GOD is Light) – spawning the next question...

“Where did the LIGHT come from”? - asserting an “origin” of light and inferring a preexisting “darkness” or “nothingness” called the Zero Point. Since “Existence” will be proven to imply some form of “motion” implying change, this theory defines “Light” as the propagation of “Nothingness”.

The unity of the space-time not only asserts that: there was a time when Nothing existed; but it also logically proves that: “space” IS the time when “nothing” exists and “time” IS the space where all “things” exist by changing – simultaneously defining an equation of everything and an equation of nothing.

Nothing can resist the effects of time making it Omnipotent. Time also is not only "every where" but is always in the "Now" or present making it Omni-present. Furthermore, omnipotent, omnipresent “Father Time” is the phenomena powerful enough to cause the dark nothingness of the "Zero-Point" to move “creating light” or something from “nothing” - that many call “God”.

Propagating as light, and concentrating into density, time's essence is detectable in space as “gravity” – creating the triune equation: m = c3 = g1/2.

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