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The Way the world is headed, by the year 2050 it will be like Orsen Wells' 1984, with big brother watching over everyone's shoulder. With the NSA, satellites and camera's distributed throught various communities, we are rapidly approaching such a society. We sincerely doubt that anyone who has read the book would want such a society and the closer we get to this "Hell", the more violent society will become until the predicted Armageddon occurs.

There is an alternative and a society that we invision as perfect. A Utopia so to speak - but we call it a Ma'atcracy. And since this perfect society depends on definitions and values, which vary greatly within the individual and the community at large, we must elaborate upon this concept. This document may very well go down in the annals of history, so we want to make these concepts as clear and concise as humanly possible.

Ma'at is an Egyptian word meaning Love, Righteousness and Character. The Egyptian society lasted for 1000's of years based on this unified concept and is considered the height of civilization to many. In order to avoid the calamity surely to occur, we must declare a non-violent revolution on money. - the love of which is the root of All evill.

This is the "Knowledge Revolution" with the end goal of forming a Ma'at-cracy. The Ma'at Society Freely gives the means and strategy for this revolution. And the Ebook  "Let There Be Light"   Freely gives the spiritual, emotional, and physical knowledge necessary to conduct such a war.

By exchanging knowledge of Ourselves, Universal Law, And The Creator, we will enhance our Mind and by utilizing this Knowledge we will enhance the Earth - for our children's sake.

Our intended audience is College and High School students seeking spiritual awareness. But All Open Minded people with the courage to make a positive change are welcome here.

UPDATE 3/30/2006

The ebook may be placed on-line to be read as time permits and reconstruction is achieved. However, bear in mind that the content was designed for high school and college "youngins", for wisdom shall come from the mouth of babes and one can not teach an old dog new tricks. Neither can one teach the solution to Fermat's Last Theorem to basic math (ma'at) students. Click this link for a quick "Opening of the Third Eye" .

The purpose of this site is to open the Third Eye so that one learns to close their eyes and look inwardly to see who's doing the looking and come to KNOW that the one doing the looking is "WHO" they are, and they are in fact "conciousness" itself watching their own life unfold. They are their own "Guardian Angel" watching this momentary earthly existance.

The essence of divinity is not in the expansion of the infinite (i.e. space/the universe is infinite, yet expanding) but in the contraction of the nothingness (a black hole). One must first be taught the answer to the paradox: What happens when an irresistable force meets an immovable object?

Answer: An inconceivable disturbance? To explain. Space is the immovable object, for all objects move through space, but space itself doesn't move (or does it?). Time is the irresistable force, for Time changes not, but all things change in Time. As all objects move through space, they also move through time, but neither space nor time are consider to be in motion.

When space meets time, the inconceivable disturbance is called creation - the universe. Gravity is the irresistable force of time infinitely contracting and multiplying the nothingness of space to form light. And light is the irresistable force of time infinitely dividing and expanding contracted space to form nothingness. Matter is the irresistable force of time trapping light in areas/volumes of gravity control. To sum it all up: m = c 3 = g 1/2!!!

The Unified Field Theory

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