My love for you grows stronger by the day.
You are my one and only,
my love for eternity. 
I will forever love you.
The beauty of a rose cannot bring
the amount of pleasure I feel in my 
heart from loving you. 
For roses dwindle
along with their beauty,
but the beautiful love we share
will last forever.
All my love for you,

 Born December 25, 1956  
 Born December 27, 1968  
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Our Brief Bio

After we met online in 1998 and our relationship developed, I decided to move up here to Seattle,WA from a little town in Texas. I arrived on my parent's anniversary day - January 21. We've been together since that day in 2000 and both live togther as a couple and are very devoted to one another. Jim works as a pension administrator in Queen Anne and I work for a wholesale club in the North Seattle area. We live in an apartment building in the Ballard area which we also manage. We enjoy the area because it's quiet, alive and colorful. We have a pug person named Buddy who's loved very much. We had another named Honey who passed away in January 2004 and we miss her very much.


If any of these rooms are unaccessible and/or screwed up - pictures, background effects, or other, it's because Yahoo is screwing up - Sorry for any inconvenience.

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