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Happy 2002

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Hello, my name is Lily-lou though people usually just call me Lily or Lil or even Loulou - I don't mind.

I am a miniature, black and silver schnauzer and I am just 13 inches/ 33 cms to my shoulder. As you can see I am very pretty and I like to spend a lot of time cleaning myself and looking in mirrors - or any reflective surfaces really just so long as it shows me up well.

I am 5 (21st September) years old now and I've really been no trouble (except for that wooden fridge magnet I chewed - mmm tasty!).


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My Mum's name is Jane and I have a sister called Rosie - they're both show dogs but my humans said "sorry" but   they haven't got time to show me. I don't mind though. I like to chase my human Iestyn all over the place and I like to play tug with my rope and I like to chew my rubber bones and snuggle in my bean bag.

Really, I'm very quiet and gentle and lots of little children who are nervous of dogs end up with me on their lap - I like that ! If there are any small children reading this, I have a special message for you: REMEMBER - most dogs are loving and friendly but not ALL dogs - some may have bad owners, some may be ill and some may just be plain mean.

Always ask permission before you stroke someone's dog.

Never go near a dog that seems to be unattended.

Try not to pat a dog on the head - all we can see is your strange hand and it makes us nervous.

Wash your hands after playing with a strange dog - not everyone keeps their dogs clean and healthy.

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If you want to see pictures of me or my friends click on the buttons below or use the navigator above. You may look at my photo album or my sketch pad which has drawings friends have done of me or look at my gallery of animal friends . If you would like to send me pictures of your pets for my gallery then I can be reached at the email below - or send me the hyperlink to your home page. I'm not too good with computers but my humans will help.

Lots of love .... Lily-lou xxx


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