55th Regiment of Foot,

Light Infantry Company


"The General's orders ... to form a company of men from each regiment, and those to be the most active, with proper Officers: These to be called the light infantry of the regiments ..."

-Captain Henry Skinner, Royal Artillery

We are a small group of re-enactors from the upper Midwest who recreate the Light Infantry Company of the 55th Regiment of Foot, during the French and Indian War (1759 & after) and Pontiac's Rebellion. The 55th of Foot arrived in North America in 1757, by the time the Light Infantry Company was formed in 1759, the regiment was a proud, disciplined, and veteran unit. We strive to uphold it's image and reputation. Our unit does this by researching and recreating the everyday life of the soldier in camp and on campaign. This involves following the daily routine of the British Army and concentrating on more than just the battles. We eat proper army food, drill the manual of arms, have frequent inspections, go on work parties, and patrols. Follow the links below to learn more about the original regiment and the recreated company, and please enjoy!

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Any questions regarding the 55th, light infantry company or light infantry during the French and Indian War period should email Corpl. Still.


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