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2015/03/04ffext.htmLeigh's Recommended Firefox Extensions
2015/03/04globalwarming.htmIt's Global Warming, Stupid!
2015/03/02khome.htmKindle Home Page
2015/03/02meditate.htmMeditation Retreats
2015/02/21weather.htmWeather Links
2015/02/16howmanyjhanas.htmHow Many Jhānas Are There?
2015/02/15studysn.htmSamyutta Nikaya Study Guide
2015/02/14snp4_11.htmSnp 4.11: Kalaha-vivada Sutta: Quarrels & Disputes
2015/02/04bestsurf.htmBetter Surfing
2015/01/26index.htmlLeigh Brasington's Web Site
2015/01/26amtraktips.htmTips for Riding Amtrak
2015/01/26resumemr.htmLeigh Brasington's Meditation Teaching Resume
2015/01/20studymn.htmMajjhima Nikaya Study Guide
2015/01/15usecon.htmThe U.S. Economy in Graphs
2015/01/14suttas.htmSutta Translations & Topics
2015/01/07suttadb.htmDatabase of Suttas
2015/01/07suttadb.exeInstaller for Sutta Database
2015/01/03palixlat.htmProblematic Pali Translations
2014/12/19index2.htmlLeigh Brasington's Web Site - Main Index
2014/12/16readlist.htmBuddhist Reading List
2014/11/19h4D87E845.htm15 Ways The United States Is The Best (At Being The Worst)
2014/11/15deporghandout.htmDependent Origination
2014/11/05sitemap.htmSite Map http://leighb.com
2014/10/29essays.htmEssays by Leigh Brasington
2014/10/26jhanantp.htmJhana Interpretations
2014/10/16talks.htmDharma Talks by and Interviews of Leigh Brasington
2014/10/07gtchart.htmChart of the Factors of the Gradual Training
2014/09/29freewill.htmFreewill, Determinism and Santa Claus
2014/09/29jhanas.htmThe Jhanas (Meditative Absorptions)
2014/09/26stardust.htmSunlight Animated Stardust
2014/09/26rc.htmRight Concentration: A Practical Guide to the Jhanas
2014/09/18bio.htmLeigh Brasington's Bio
2014/09/10dn11.htmDN 11 - Kevaddha Sutta
2014/09/04sharware.htmLeigh's Freeware
2014/09/04cmder.zipcmder.exe - see details here
2014/09/04cmderdetails.htmlCMDer Details
2014/09/04lnbrtrts.htmMeditation Retreats with Leigh Brasington
2014/09/03aboutme.htmAbout Leigh Brasington
2014/08/30cldmtn14.htmDhamma Talks from a 2 Week Retreat at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center, August, 2014
2014/08/30lnbtalks.htmLeigh Brasington Dharma Talks
2014/08/30dn11_85.htmDN 11: Kevaddha Sutta (excerpt)
2014/08/29miscbuddhist.htmMiscellaneous Buddhist Information
2014/08/295atendofsit.htm5 Things To Do At End Of A Sitting
2014/08/19printerfriendly.htmPrinter Friendly Forms for Meditation Retreats with Leigh Brasington
2014/08/19metta_su.htmMetta Sutta - Amaravati Sangha
2014/08/19metta_su_prn.htmThe Metta Sutta
2014/07/21btdt.htmBeen There, Done That
2014/07/09shantideva.htmShantideva's Dedication of Merit
2014/05/21dn17.htmDN 17 - Mahā-Sudassana Sutta - The Great King Of Glory
2014/05/21suttaarch.htmSutta Archeology: Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha
2014/05/18studydn.htmDigha Nikaya Study Guide
2014/05/18nishida.htmNo-thingness - Kitaro Nishida
2014/05/183schools.htm3 School of Buddhism
2014/05/18darkenergy.htmDark Energy - NOT
2014/05/18mn26_19.htmMN 26: Ariyapariyesanā Sutta: The Noble Search (excerpt)
2014/05/18practice.htmBuddhist Practices
2014/05/18lowfooddiet.htmLow Food Diet
2014/05/18fedex.htmFedEx, What Are You Doing?
2014/05/18jhana4.htmThe Rupa Jhanas - in Pali and English
2014/05/18sn56-11.htmSN 56.11 Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta
2014/05/18sn45-8.htmSN 45-8 - Magga-vibhanga Sutta
2014/05/18mn118.htmAnāpānasati Sutta in Pali and English
2014/05/18sn12_15.htmSN 12.15: Kaccānagottasuttaṃ
2014/05/18retreats.htmRetreats Attended by Leigh Brasington
2014/05/18lnbnames.htmAbout the name Leigh Norman Brasington
2014/05/18sn21_1.htmSN 21.1 - Kolita Sutta
2014/05/18mn39.htmMN 39 - The Longer Discourse in Assapura
2014/05/18mn38.htmMN 38 - Longer Discourse on the Destruction of Craving
2014/05/18mn22.htmMN 22 - The Simile of the Snake
2014/05/18palisuttas.htmThe Authenticity of the Suttas of the Pali Canon
2014/05/08khema.htmKhema - Foremost in Wisdom
2014/05/08prius.htmPrius Hybrid Electric Vehicle
2014/03/23listlist.htmList of Buddhist Lists
2014/03/17mettasut.htmMetta Sutta - Ayya Khema/Ven. Khantipalo
2014/03/10studyan.htmAnguttara Nikaya Study Guide
2014/03/09epractices.htmEnlightenment Practices
2014/03/09dn13.htmDN 13 - Tevijja Sutta
2014/03/09budxtn.htmA Christian College Student Asks About Buddhism
2014/03/09khandas.htmThe Five Aggregates
2014/03/09nuns.htmBhikkhuni Ordination
2014/03/09metta.htmMetta Meditation
2014/03/09bummer.htmDukkha is A Bummer
2014/03/09un_02-32.htmGlobal Environment Outlook
2014/03/09ud1_10.htmUdana 1.10 - Bahiya Sutta
2014/03/09jhanafac.htmThe Factors of the 8 Jhanas
2014/03/09jhana8.htmThe 8 Jhanas from the Pali Canon
2014/03/09jhana2a.htmSharpening Manjushri's Sword - The Jhanas in Theravadan Buddhist Meditation
2014/03/09jhana2.htmSharpening Manjushri's Sword - The Jhanas in Theravadan Buddhist Meditation
2014/03/08bcbscrse.htmSatipatthana and Jhana
2014/03/04sitemap.zipSiteMap.exe - site map generator, see details here
2014/03/03glossary.htmPali Dictionaries
2014/03/03intv0405.htmInterview with Leigh Brasington, May 2004
2014/02/28security.htmSecurity on the Internet
2014/02/25MLK_Interrelated.htmMartin Luther King, Jr. & Albert Einstein - Interrelated
2014/02/24mettaphrases.htmMetta Phrases
2014/02/20notime.htmTime is Only an Illusion
2014/02/15mettasuttas.htm17 Metta Sutta Translations
2014/02/14emaillnb.htmEmail Leigh Brasington
2014/02/10aboutsite.htmAbout The Web Programming On This Site
2014/02/10indexall.htmLeigh Brasington's Web Sites
2014/01/24intrasrv.htmIntraSrv - Simple Web Server
2013/11/19whut2tak.htmWhat to take when Traveling
2013/10/05kindledx.htmKindle DX
2013/08/08MLK_HatredIsPoision.htmMartin Luther King, Jr. on the poison that is Hatred
2013/07/25leighb.htmLeigh Brasington
2013/07/15JennyGuide.htmBLU Jenny Guide
2013/07/03clipbook.zipclipbook.exe - see details here
2013/06/07minialnb.htmLeigh and Minia
2013/05/24PaliEngDct.exeInstaller for the Pali-English Dictionary for UDP
2013/05/24cmder.htmlCMDer Help
2013/05/244stagesofe.htmThe 4 Stages of Awakening
2013/05/24tounicupper.htmTo uppercase and lowercase C/C++ functions for Unicode - language agnostic
2013/05/24toansiupper.htmTo uppercase & lowercase C/C++ functions for all ANSI characters (codepage = 1252)
2013/05/24aboutan851.htmThe Questionable Authenticity of AN 8.51/Cv.X.1: The Founding of the Nuns' Order
2013/05/22color.htmSimple HTML Color Reference Chart
2013/05/22hybrid.htmHybrid Cars
2013/04/13vimeo61893225.htmVideo Interview on the Dark Night of Leigh Brasington by Willoughby Britton
2013/03/26sbc2013.pdfPractical Jhanas: Right Concentration and the Suttas
2013/03/19lastletter.htmA Message to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney From a Dying Veteran
2013/02/23sunshine.htmLoving-kindness Meditation - Sunshine
2013/02/13whatswrong.htmWhat's Wrong with Politics
2013/02/03stevenchu.htmSteven Chu on Global Warming
2012/12/23case_of_the_missing_simile.htmThe Nimitta in Breath Meditation
2012/12/19dn9.htmDN 9 - Potthapada Sutta
2012/12/19an10_72.htmAN 10.72 - Kantakasuttam Sutta
2012/12/19sn40_1.htmSN 40.1 - The First Jhana
2012/12/19mn68.htmMN 68 - Nalakapana Sutta
2012/12/18dn13_bv.htmDN 13 (excerpt) - Brahma Vihara practice from the Tevijja Sutta
2012/12/18mn86.htmMN 86 - Angulimala Sutta
2012/12/17sn2_26.htmSN 2.26 - Rohitassa Sutta
2012/12/05studygid.htmStudy Guide to the Suttas of the Pali Cannon
2012/12/03jhananeuro.htmThe Neurological Correlates of the Jhanas
2012/11/08election12.htmElection 2012
2012/11/02thefeelingbuddha.htmWorst Book on Buddhism I've yet Read
2012/11/02skarda.htmThe Perceptual Form of Life
2012/11/02essence.htmEssence of what the Buddha Discovered
2012/11/02commentary.htmCommentaries for the Suttas of the Pali Cannon
2012/11/027sop16ik.htmThe 7 Stages of Purification and The 16 Insight Knowledges
2012/11/02suttanbrxref.htmSutta-Number / Vol-Page Cross Reference
2012/10/31a_khema.htmAyya Khema
2012/10/21myhomepg.htmHome Page
2012/10/19danartrt.htmDana Meditation Retreats
2012/10/19browsecu.htmBrowser Security
2012/10/19bestcomp.htmBetter Computing
2012/10/19ayyabook.htmAyya Khema's Books
2012/10/18jhnbrmvhr.htmThe Jhanas And The Brahma Viharas - by Lloyd Burton
2012/10/18notself.htmNot Self
2012/10/18nsitedlg.htmInsight Dialog
2012/08/01tpc_on_romney_tax_plan.htmTax Policy Center of the Brookings Institution and Urban Institute on Governor Romney's Tax Plan
2012/07/30homepage.htmFast Home Pages
2012/06/07critical.htmCritical Information for All Computer Users
2012/06/06cr8_bkup.batCreate a simple disk backup program for C:
2012/03/24xtoi.htmC/C++ function to convert an ANSI hexadecimal string to an int
2012/03/23resume.htmLeigh Brasington's Software Engineering Resume
2012/03/11akvideos.htmVideos with Ayya Khema
2012/03/03jhana_fr2.htm9 1/2 Months at the Forest Refuge
2012/02/14computer.htmToshiba Ultrabook Z835
2012/01/22timetaken.ziptimetaken.exe - see details here
2012/01/03lungmenfoyen.htmGāthā of Zen Master Lung-men Fo-yen

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