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[See also my Netscape 4.03 Throbber Tips and Tricks]

If you are using Netscape 4.0 , I offer you a batch file to make installing you new Throbber easier. You must first get the new 30m.bmp, 40m.bmp and 48m.bmp bitmaps in the correct location on your hard disk (usually C:\Program Files\Netscape\Communicator\Program). I leave that part for you to figure out, because if you can't handle doing that, you probably can't handle what follows (even tho it is dirt simple).

Note this batch file only works "as is" if you have installed Netscape on your C: drive in C:\Program Files\Netscape

  1. Create a new top level directory called THROB - i.e. mkdir C:\THROB (or use the Windows Explorer)
  2. Use your mouse to mark ALL the text between the next 2 horizontal lines, starting with "@echo off" and including ":dun"
  3. Click on Edit/Copy (or press Ctrl-C) to copy the marked text to the Clipboard
  4. Start NotePad (or your favorite Text editor)
  5. Paste the Clipboard text into Notepad by clicking Edit/Paste (or pressing Ctrl-V)
  6. Click File/SaveAs and save your new file to C:\THROB and name it ns40thrb.bat
  7. Exit NotePad
  8. Bring up the Run Box (click Start and Run) or a DOS prompt
  9. Type: c:\throb\ns40thrb [# frames] [URL] [logon name] and press the Enter key
    where Example: c:\throb\ns40thrb  13  http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/6774/  leighb
Now exit Netscape 4.0 and when you bring it back up, you should see you new Throbber.


The text to copy to the Clipboard begins below this line:
@echo off
echo Netscape 4.0 Throbber Installation Batch File
echo -
if x%3==x goto usage
if exist C:\Progra~1\Netscape\Users\%3\prefs.js goto doit
echo C:\Progra~1\Netscape\Users\%3\prefs.js does not exist!
echo Unable to automatically install throbber code in prefs file.
echo -
if x%1==x echo You should use the Start/Run Box or a DOS Box to run this Batch File.
if x%1==x echo -
echo Usage is %0 [# frames in throbber] [URL] [logon name]
echo -
echo Example:
echo %0 13 http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/6774/ leighb
echo -
echo Notes:
echo 1) You must first put your new throbber files in 
echo -  C:\Program Files\Netscape\Communicator\Program
echo -
echo 2) This batch file assumes you have installed Netscape 4.0 in
echo -  C:\Program Files\Netscape
goto dun
cd C:\Progra~1\Netscape\Users\%3
if not exist prefs.sav copy prefs.js prefs.sav
echo config("toolbar.logo.win_small_file", "30m.bmp");>throb.js
echo config("toolbar.logo.win_large_file", "48m.bmp");>>throb.js
echo config("toolbar.logo.frames", %1)>>throb.js
echo config("toolbar.logo.url", "%2");>>throb.js
if not exist c:\throb\*.* md c:\throb
echo attrib -R C:\Progra~1\Netscape\Users\%3\prefs.js>c:\throb\prefsrw.bat
echo copy c:\Progra~1\Netscape\Users\%3\prefs.js+c:\Progra~1\Netscape\Users\%3\throb.js c:\throb\temp.tmp>c:\throb\prefsro.bat
echo move c:\throb\temp.tmp c:\Progra~1\Netscape\Users\%3\prefs.js>>c:\throb\prefsro.bat
echo attrib +R c:\Progra~1\Netscape\Users\%3\prefs.js>>c:\throb\prefsro.bat
call c:\throb\prefsrw.bat
call c:\throb\prefsro.bat
echo Now restart Netscape 4.0 and you should see your new throbber.

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