Dharma Talks by Leigh Brasington

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TitleDate GivenLengthSizeWhere Given
  1. Link to talks at the Audio Dharma web site
Dependent Origination18 Feb, 200158:5013.4 MBIMC (see below)
Anicca (Impermanence)7 Mar, 200443:27  7.5 MBIMC
Right View13 Nov, 2004 (7 talks)Sati Center
Illusions13 Aug, 200643:127.4 MBIMC
Satipatthana Practices3 Feb, 2007(4 talks)Sati Center
  2. GuidedMeditation at the Audio Dharma web site
Guided Sweeping Meditation3 Feb, 20078.1 MBSati Center
  3. Links to talks on this web site (please Right-Click & Save)
Not-Self 29 Jun. 201054:016.7 MBSanta Fe Sangha
Introduction to Dependent Origination18 Feb, 200158:5013.4 MBIMC - old talk,
better to listen to
the Dharma Seed
talks below
  4. Talks at Dharma Seed include the evening talks from a 10 day course at Gaia House.
  5. Talks given at Portland Insight Meditation Center
Instructions for Jhana 17 Aug 201035:38PIMC
Jhana 1: Q&A7 Aug 201022:08PIMC
Jhanas 1-47 Aug 201058:23PIMC
Jhanas 5-8 & 97 Aug 201050:46PIMC
  6. A Talk in celebration of Vesak
The Story of the Buddha's Awakening25 May 201319:434.7 MBBCBS
  7. Links to talks from a 2 day retreat in The Netherlands, October, 2013
  8. Links to talks from a 7 Day retreat co-taught with Gil Fronsdal, January, 2014
  9. Links to talks from a 2 Week retreat at Cloud Mountain, August, 2014
  10. Links to talks from a 10 day retreat at Southern Dharma, Sept, 2014

There are also a few sutta readings that I have done at the Sutta Readings website.

Interviews of Leigh Brasington

Leigh Brasington interviewed by Stephanie Nash about The Jhanas, 10 December, 2006.

Stephanie Nash interviews Leigh Brasington about the Jhanas
Several short YouTube videos on what jhanas are, and how one works with them in one's practice.

Video Interview with Willoughby Britton of the Cheetah House
Leigh Brasington on the Dark Night   7 Jan, 2013   39:30

Podcast: Ted Meissner of the Secular Buddhist website
interviews Leigh Brasington on the Jhanas   27 March, 2013

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