We Are Sunlight Animated Stardust

We are stardust that's animated by sunlight. All of the atoms that make up our bodies and our world were once part of a star - probably parts of several stars. All the elements other than Hydrogen were forged in those stars; the lighter elements via the nuclear fusion fueling those stars and the heavier elements when those stars exploded as supernova, scattering stardust into space

The stardust drifted thru space until gravity coalesced it into a whirling mass that became our sun and its planets. The energy from the sun - sunlight - is what feeds us and animates us. The food we eat is built of stardust and photosynthesis, the photosynthesis of course being run by sunlight.

Interestingly enough, the stardust and the sunlight have a common origin: Gravity. Gravity is what makes a star in the first place, drawing together the Hydrogen and other elements into a sphere and compressing the sphere until its nuclear fusion engine ignites. It's the force of gravity that generates the pressure that presses two positively charged protons (Hydrogen nuclei) together with enough force to cause them to fuse into Helium, releasing energy that we call starlight/sunlight. It's gravity that eventually fuses Hydrogen and Helium to make Lithium - and generating more starlight/sunlight. It's gravity that keeps this fusion process going making more and more light elements, generating more and more starlight/sunlight - until the star runs out of fuel.

Now if the star is heavy enough (has enough internal gravitational force), when the fuel runs out, the star collapses with such force that the star totally explodes into a supernova, the force of the explosion making even more elements as well as scattering the resulting stardust out into space where gravity can eventually pull it together again to make a new star and its planets.

It seems that heaven and earth were created by Gravity. But wait - that's supposed to have been the doing of God! Could it be that Gravity and God are the same? Let's check this out:

I think this proves it - Gravity is God! And here I thought God was dead or lost or something. It turns out He was just operating under a different name.

Of course Gravity doesn't run a gated community called Heaven. Gravity doesn't listen to prayers (let alone answer them!). And Gravity doesn't have any kids to send here to save you. Your salvation/liberation is a do-it-yourself project. Luckily clear instructions have been provided by previous Gravity generated beings. But remember, all the things created by Gravity are subject to decay; you better diligently work on your liberation. Best wishes for success in that project.

Supernova 1987A: The Explosion
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