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                  The Voice of the RavenI am the Voice of the Raven Upon the Wind. My harsh cry echoes longupon the Earth and Air: Nothing is forever. Not life, not love, not death,    nor loss. Only change is eternal, and only in destruction can the seed        of creation form.        My wings bear me between Darkness and Light, Land and Sky, the Garden        and the Wildwood. I perch upon the Threshold of the Worlds, both flesh        and spirit, gifting the Brave Seeker with the Visions and Magic of theOtherworld.To face me is to face your greatest terror, the Shadow of yourself, the unknownand dangerous. In chancing destruction, your fear loses it's powerto destroy. For only in acceptance of mortality will you learn    theSecrets of Immortality as I, the Raven, possess.                            --BrennaGwyn            


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