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My name is Patricia Harper.
I was born in Houston, TX, graduated from Aldine High School in 1966. Got married in Germany in 1967 and had 1 daughter in 1968.
She's now 40 and on Dec. 9, 1998 she gave birth to our first granddaughter! Mikayla Renee' Faul weighed in at 8 lbs., 12 oz. and was 20" long. This is Mikayla at about 1 year (oh boy, is she in trouble!).
Second grandchild, Laura Elizabeth, was born October 10, 2001. Click on her name to see her in her new swing. And here's a later picture of the two sisters together (click on the word "sisters" to see the pic).

My husband, Charlie , is a beekeeper and we live in Carencro LA.

My hobbies are crochet, knitting, and web-designing. I designed this entire site!

I've been crocheting since high school.
Mostly afghans, doilies, and anything else that
strikes my fancy, even dog sweaters!

You can see some of my designs in the
Crochet Partners pattern library.
Sorry, only members can view the patterns.
We also have an chat room which you can get to if you have
Java or you can access it through IRC.
E-mail me for more information
By the way, I'm the Director of IRC for Crochet Partners and also the Asst. List Administrator.

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