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Laura's Creations; poetry and art.

Laura's Poetry Garden

This page is dedicated to art and poetry. I have been working on both throughout high school and university. This includes poems divided between nine themes that cover various stages of life and the landscapes I experienced at the time. I hope you enjoy reading them. To see my paintings click on gallery below


Table of Contents:

Click on the links in the table below to reach one of the nine poetry pages.

1. The golden country 2. The green hills 3. Rites of passage
4. Wilderness & wasteland 5. The traveler returns 6. The mood that passes through you
7.The aftermath of love 8. City of the mind 9. The city dweller dreams


New Poems

My favourite poets :

John Ashbery 1927 -

This poet will challenge the way you think about culture and language.

Emily Dickenson 1830 - 1886

A poet who writes to classical themes and had a fascinating life.

W.H.Auden 1907 -1973

Auden had a good ear for the spoken word, he reached for the mystical and profound.

Robert Frost 1874 -1963

Robert Frost was the farmer who didn't like farming, was good at observing man and nature.

Elizabeth Bishop 1911 -1979

Bishop wrote some beautiful travel poetry, she had a finely tuned ability to describe the world and the imagination.

John Keats 1795 - 1821

Keats uses classical imagery like many of his contemporaries.

Charles Bukowski 1920 - 1994

Buckowski is a refreshingly rude voice, he pays attention to the absurdity of the everyday world.

Sylvia Plath 1932 - 1963

Plath waxes from brutal honesty about family issues to lyrical pieces. I prefer her prose.

Lewis Carroll 1832 - 1898

His poetry is like his literature an imaginative study of different personalities, he has a good sense of rhythm.

Walt Whitman 1819 -1892

This poet loved being alive and was on the cutting edge among the poets of his day. An early modern poet.

Bruce Dawe 1930 -

Bruce Dawe is an Australian poet, his reflections on modern life and war are honest and acerbic

Judith Wright 1915 -2000

An Australian poet that writes about the issues facing Aboriginal people. Highly respected in this country.


Reflection on writing poetry

When I write poetry it is usually in response to some kind of internal disturbance. Sometimes my emotions feel overwhelming and I write poems to try and express and expel them. At other times its an idea that obsesses me and I write a poem to try and understand it. The experience itself can be cathartic and blissful. When I am being more prosaic about it I read other poets for inspiration and often find myself writing in response to them. For a while I had trouble finding out what my voice was like, what I wanted to say.

In the process of learning to write poetry I read a lot of it and I tried to write in formal styles and that gave me a strong grounding for writing more freely. After building up a large body of work I can look back and see repeating themes and ideas and get a sense of what kind of poet I am. If you want to start writing poems there are books about how to approach it, I suggest you start with simple formal poems like Haiku. That is how I started and it still has an effect on my work.

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