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:::Make Good Efforts:::
If you want to obtain good results make good efforts.
People want to enjoy benefits without really trying..
Opportunity that comes to you is not for your enjoyment; it is for your progress.
:::Prestige is Not Important:::
Gaining prestige is not important. Maintaining the prestige already gained is more important.
Prestige is gained by right conduct, but sometimes it is gained by wrong means.
:::Self Importance:::
To every being, his or her own affairs are the most urgent and important.
Every being enjoys his or her own existence.
:::Nothing Strange:::
There is nothing strange.
Everything under the sun comes into existence, and everything dies.
:::Behave Moderately:::
If you're too soft, you may be insulted. If you're too tough, you may make many enemies. Behaving moderately is better.
Even if those around you don't love you, don't let them hate you.
:::A Port of Gold:::
The person who admonishes you by pointing out your faults and defects is like one who points out a pot of gold.
:::Know Your Own Character:::
Don't tell others about your own character. It is for you to know if your character is good or bad.
:::A Normal Standard:::
Living up to a normal standard is very difficult. To rise above the norm is barely thinkable.
If you're educated, wealthy or good-looking, don't despise others.
:::Patch Up Your Own Boat:::
If you can patch up another's boat and cannot patch up your own, you will be drowned in midstream.
Never mind others' faults; know your own.
:::Earn People's Reverence:::
People love you if you are generous; they respect you if you are well-behaved;
they revere you if you have wisdom.
The stupid person envies the clever one; the inferior man is jealous of the man in a superior position.
Such attitudes stem from malice.
:::Buddha Images:::
Images and pictures of the Buddha are just imitations of the physique of the Buddha.
Images, pictures, and pagodas conceal the real Buddha;
sermons conceal the real Dhamma; shameless monks conceal the real Sangha.
:::Death is Natural:::
Death is not a strange thing. It is the end of a life as determined by kamma.
In giving charity, if you hanker for popularity and prestige, and desire celestial realms in your next existence,
then all these desires are motivated by greed.
:::A Good Teacher:::
A teacher must live by high moral standards or he cannot admonish his pupils.
If a teacher has defective morality, he will never be able to guide and instruct his pupils.
:::No Benefit Without Practice:::
The Dhamma that is just preached and listened to is not effective;
only the Dhamma that is practised is effective. Prayer is not essential; practice is.
:::The Path of Misery:::
People are talking of trouble, but they are walking the path of misery.
:::Reform Yourself:::
If you do not reform yourself with a view to spiritual happiness, your life is a sham.
:::Instead of Weeping:::
Instead of weeping when your parents are dead,
you should look after them when they are alive.
:::More Difficult:::
It is more difficult to have dealings with someone you respect than with someone you don't.
Attaining wisdom is more difficult than gaining fame and influence.
:::Ignorance is Worse Than Poverty:::
Ignorance is worse than poverty. It is worse than not practising the Dhamma,
but wrong view is worse than non-practice.
:::For the Good of Others:::
A noble and pure person is one who sacrifices his interests for the good of others.
He has to reduce his greed and ill-will.
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