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Have you ever been in Sweden?

I love to travel around my own country. It is beautiful, and there are different kinds of landscape. And it isn´t hot at all. It is wonderful to walk in the forrest all alone in an early morning. In summer we have the Nordic Light -daylight from early morning to late evening, in the northern part of Sweden even midnight sun. In winter we have snow - nearly every year - which lighten the dark hours.

Breakfast in the green Hultsfred in 1995

Up from Lasse-Majas´cave
Hultsfred 1995

My family
Helsingborg in 2000.
Sara and my husband at Göta Kanal

My family site *** My Selfportrait Page


I would show you some of my paintings later. I am most fond of trees, stones and other things in the nature that you can come near.

I started to paint with oilcolours in 1981.(Yes, I am really old- 55+). Most of the time I have been painting ā la prima and with paintbrush nr 20 or knife, so some of my older paintings have a thicker surface.

Do you want to look at my paintings and drawings from different parts of Sweden? Go to my Sweden page!
My Perstorp page with oilpaintings from the village, where I live.

Cellar, 2km W. from my home
An old saw in Korrö driven by watercraft Still Life


In (1997/98) I began to paint with Caran d´Ache vax oil sticks too. I have paint autumleaves and flowers from Sofiero, the garden where our previous king GustavVIAdolf used to live in summertime. With sticks you can draw and paint at the same time. Draw and then paint with "balsamterpentin" as solution. Try it!


Tiveden National Park
Oilpainting with wax oil sticks and solution.
F 8 1998

Eveninglight , Jean´s pond in Perstorp
Oilpainting with wax oil sticks and solution.
F5 1997

Rhododendronflowers in a glass.
Oilpainting 16cm x 26cm with wax oil sticks and solution September 28th 2001.

I´m fond of making pictures on my computer too.

My Adobe Photoshop Experiment site
In Pose you can twist the body just as you want to.

My MS Paint Experiment site

With Infinity texture you can create marvellous backgrounds for example. Just a WARNING!
If you try it you will never sleep a whole night again - it is so fun and thrilling to find new effects that it is nearly impossible to stop!


In the Garden

One week each summer artists are welcome to the former royal garden of Sofiero in Helsingborg, Sweden. A month later, when the paint isn´t wet any more, each artist is able to show one painting in an exhibition at Sofiero. I have participated in 1996, 1997 and 2001.
I have taken a lot of photos in the park in the summer months, and some of them I have choosen as motives for my oilpaintings.

In 2000 we had a warm and sunny May, so the Rhododendron Valley - planned and taken care of by our former king GustavVIAdolf - showed its most wonderful blooming when my daughter and I saw it for the first time in May 20th.


Sofiero Tree Sofiero Rose My mother in my garden

My Sofiero Page

As the birds, the insekts and the squirrel I love my own garden when the hassel bushes form green rooms with marktäckare instead og greens. I have most flowers in springtime.

My own little garden page

I hope Fortunecity will work better in the fortune, so I can upload my work. I know what I did last summer...

In the Autumn

Some artists avoid the special autmn colours, because they found them to beautiful and (banala). I love the red, orange and yellow leaves of trees and plants.

Autumn leaves An eaten apple Towards the other side Virginia creeper

My Autumn Paintings On this page you can look at my other paintings.


In 1971 I got my exam at Chalmers in Gothenburg. Nearly no one started to build that time, so I never worked as an architect. But my knowledge has been usable in my working life.

Once upon a time there was a young architect student.


A prehouse...

Working Environment

In more than 20 years I have been working as a safety and health engineer. I have a lot of memories from my first job at the shipyard Eriksberg in Gothenburg. There was a very special environment and a lot of special people too. Perhaps I am romantic, but the smell of oil and the sound of slammering on steel still make me feel happy.

EMV, the shipyard Eriksberg in Gothenburg Lillhagen a hospital for psychological deseases in Gothenburgh Hälsoborgen, health and workplace environment FTF Arbetsmiljö

We have an organisation for people working with or only intrested in working life and environment. The last seven years I have been working with the layout (and much writing an drawing too) of our internal paper for information called "Skyddsingenjören", which is distribuated four times a year to all our 800 members an others who are important to us. One of our members is working (in his spare time) with our homepage on the internet and I´m webmaster of the site of SKYDDSINGENJÖREN.

Lifelong Learning

I have been studying a lot of workplaces with a lot of physical and technical problems. Often there are also communication and psychological problems, which make a barrier when you try to solve the problems. I have taken some courses on communication and psychology, and I would like to learn more.

The Experiment House

August 1998- August 1999 I participated an EU-project "SEE-NOW" at the University of Halmstad, Sweden. We were 12 women (psychologist, biologists, engineers, architects) interested in consulting in energy and environment. We had partners in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Falkirk, Scotland.

As one of my projects I built a site over the EU-project, which you can find at



In 2000/01 I was working as a teacher for students at the age of 16 - 40 years. Most of them hadn´t got enough strength, ambition or help to reach the level they needed to go to the gymnasium (for 16-19 years old people).

I loved to go to work every monday morning that year.

Depending on some troubble with the internal network at school I started to build a homepage with stuff for my students. I put in some pictures from our classrooms and from some days outside school.



We often laughed in school

Photo: Johanna Baldauf 2001

I think we look a little tired after one year with the teenagers, but I remember it as a happy year.

Photo: Johanna Baldauf 2001




You may use my pics as personal E-cards if you tell your friends that I own the copyright. You will find more pics on Go to "Communities" and choose "Photoalbums". I have the nicknames krassner, rassner and oilpaintings. You can search for special words to find pictures too.

My pages for special occations:
Merry Christmas!

You will also find some e-cards at under "Påsk"(Easter), "Jul" (Christmas), "Nyår" (New Year) and "Kärlek" (Valentine cards). You can also visit my webgroups "Nothern light" (Yes, I´ve spelt wrong and I can´t change that name), "Sofiero Garden" and "Stickat" (Knitted).

I also have e-card pictures on kerstins_mail .

Please, excuse my faults in this English text! I was studying english 30 years ago, but it was not until 1997 that I read an english book! Of course I have read some users guides and seen a lot of english films (with swedish text). It was very surprising to me that I was able to read these books. We have a lot of knowledge stored in our brains for decades, and then we can suddenly pick it up and use it!

Who are you?

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My other homepage with links to most of my homepages.

My photos


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