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Actions for Youth transformation
Youth unemployment, conflicts, food insecurity,among others are challenges threatening social fabric and economic development, particularly in Africa. These challenges, however, offer opportunities that communities can exploit aptly to realize quality living as well as sustainable development.Youth form a large cohort of population in Africa and provides a productive labor force. This labor force if well harnessed,moral values will be shaped,become responsible citizens and participate actively in national and economic development.

In 2008, Africa's population was 200million, 20 percent being youth aged 15-24 according to Africa Development Bank Indicator. About 60 percent are unemployed and average of 72 percent live in less than two dollars a day.A report by ILO 2006 estimates that, 3 out 5 youths are out of work. This statistics provides a grave concern of youth unemployment in the continent. Such labour force in a redundant form, present a time bomb to economic growth and individual development.

Its notable that, there are major factors that have lead to such scenario.First, conflict and civil war particularly in states termed as fragile or failed. Second,spread of HIV/AIDS among youth and adults. Thirdly, lack of coherent youth policies and reforms that integrate youth to national development. Fourth, widespread corruption as result of weak institutions and finally, youth marginalization in participation on decision and policy making. These challenges also present opportunities for youth to step up and become active and responsible citizen in their affairs as well as national development.

A number of initiatives to create youth employment have been well thought, designed and implemented. However, the problem still persist which has raised an alarm that youth bulge can erode gains achieved if their plight is not adequately and timely addressed.

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