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Smitty at Kanakuk.
Michael W. Smith hit the music stores in 1983 with the release of his debut album "Project."  The album took just one month to make and not a lot of money was used in making it.  Though Smith (aka Smitty) had been rejected time and time again by recording companies, Reunion Records decided to take a chance on the blue eyed young man from Kenova, West Virginia.  On that very first album was the first recording of his number one song of all time, "Friends."  Since then, Michael W. Smith has recorded several more albums and become one of the most famous Christian singers in Contemporary Christian Music.

Smitty married Deborah Davis in 1982.  She co-wrote eight of the ten songs on his first album (all the songs with lyrics).  The song "Friends" initially was her idea.  She wanted to have Smitty and her give a song to a friend who was moving away.  The song was written in a very short amount of time and has become Smitty's most popular song of all time.
P.O. Box 1341
Franklin, TN 37065
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BIRTHDATE - October, 1957
EYES - Blue
HAIR - Sandy Brown
HOME TOWN - Kenova, WV
# OF SIBLINGS - One (sister Kim)
COLLEGE - One Semester
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The Smith family.  Clockwise from left, Emily, Tyler, Debbie, Anna, Michael, Ryan, and Whitney.  The photo was taken in 1995.
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The Midi you are listening to is my favorite Michael W. Smith song of all time - "Agnus Dei" from his "Go West Young Man" album.
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