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Born April 28, 2001
Updated November 1, 2001

Hi everyone, and welcome to the first ever Joey/Chandler site, created because of the extreme lack of Joey/Chandler stuff available. When I discovered these two on Friends, their relationship struck me immediately as slashy, but I couldn't find much of anything online or anywhere. So now, here it is. Have fun with it...

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November 1, 2001: Slight technical difficulties recently. Okay, not so slight. My DSL has been severely insane in the past month, so I apologize for not updating... I also haven't been able to get into my email very much at all, so I *really* apologize if I haven't replied to something you sent, I'm not ignoring you! And now, to add to the problems, GeoCities has decided this site is getting too much traffic. Whatever. Anyway, if the site's been down, that's why. I'll try to figure out what to do as soon as I get a chance, but until then... sigh.


Index The front page, where you are now.
About Under construction! Information on Joey/Chandler, slash and Friends in general.
Episodes Still in its early stages, this is an episode guide focusing on Joey/Chandler.
Fanfic Joey/Chandler fiction and poetry. As of now there are 21.
Images Photomanips of Joey and Chandler, and images of both Matts.
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