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This is a story I am currently still writing. Buffy and Spike, still fighting each other and their feelings end up in a sort of time warp. Spike has his soul. I didnt base this on any episode. Its just for fun. nc-17 stuff coming, some language.WIP!!!
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Buffy and Spike alone in a cemetary. Theres fighting and theres attraction. This is the first real "erotic" story I have written so definitely not for the kiddies. Strong sexual content and language.
Another Buffy/Spike erotic fiction. A very much WIP. I have been working on it for awhile. Some major surprises coming up. NC-17 rated.
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This is another story I am currently in the process of writing. I had it posted on my AOL journal and someone read it, liked it and posted it on the AOL Sci-Fi Talk website. So here it. Set after the series finale, Buffy moved away. Spike is brought back to life as a human....
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Another erotic anger story. I must be in the mood or something. LoL. Strong sexual content!!!! All Buffy and Spike baby!!
This is really sorta fluffy. Spike and Buffy being sweet. My first real start with a short version story.
Post Something Blue. However Oz never left and Willow had just done that wacky love spell that had only Spike and Buffy affected. The spell has been reversed however Spike and Buffy still have the feelings for each other. Somehow Willow thinks she can help and ends up creating 2 new lives. 4 year old twins that are exact replicas of Spike and Buffy, otherwise known as Mom and Dad.
NC-17  Pairings- Buffy/Spike
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Set in the early 1900’s not present day. Elizabeth (Buffy) is from a very well off family and William is her stable boy. They grow up together as friends only to fall in love. Their happiness is short lived, as William knows it can never be. Her father finds out and sends William away. They meet again years later bitter and hurt only to fall in love again…
Pairings- Buffy/William
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This is part 2 in the CCSC saga. Buffy and Spike adjust to being parents to 4 year old twins. Buffy has fallen and admitted being in love with Spike. She moved Spike into her home to be nearer to the children. It was tough at first but the scoobies and the twins adjusted well to each other. The only one out of the loop is Joyce, who has no idea she is a grandma and that she is married to Giles in the future.
Pairings- Buffy/Spike and Giles/Joyce (You will get NO NC-17 with G/J)
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Answer to VKA Challenge #6 Unprecedented"

-After Spike leaves (post attempted-rape in Seeing Red) Buffy finds she's pregnant. How will she cope without Spike? How did it happen? Where is the father? And when is he coming back? Must have a happy ending.
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