Welcome to the Jem Prototype Fashion Site!  In 2006,  a slew of prototype fashions from Hasbro's Jem toyline have surfaced on eBay.  This was very exciting for the Jem doll collecting community as many of these fashions have never come to light until recently.   

This site is a collection of actual eBay auctions.  It includes exclusive peeks at the 1988, "Matching Medley's" line, as well as outfits that didn't quite make the cut for the various Jem fashion lines such as the "On Stage Fashions," " Smashin' Fashions," "Music is Magic Fashions," and even shirts for the Starlight Girls.

This site also showcases five "American Beauty Jem" prototype dresses.  The "American Beauty Jem" doll was also slated for release in 1988, but was never mass produced. 

Note that all prices are in US Dollars.  NOTHING on this website is available for sale.  The purpose of this site is to be used as a reference tool for Jem collectors.

Please check in often, as this site truly is a work in progress. I will add the Hollywood Jem prototype fashion soon!  I am certainly not a Jem prototype expert... so if you have any information to add, please feel free to email me.  Enjoy!  -/kpm








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