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Alien Obsession

This page is dedicated to the exsistance of extraterrestrial life. Of course I believe but do you? Have you ever wanted to be abducted by Aliens? If you think you are up to the challenge fill out the Alien Abductee Registration. If you have always felt that you don't belong then take the "Are you Really An Alien" Questionaire.

Ever dream of E.T. beaming you up?

Every wanted to be abducted by Aliens? Have you tried everything to be abducted? Then fill out this form and let the Aliens come to YOU!!! The Alien Abductee Registration

~Are you under the suspicion that you have already been abducted? Then go to this web site and take thier survey. Find out for sure.~
Abduction Quiz

Could this be your true form?

Don't feel like you belong. Have you ever felt that you came from some other place? Have you ever thought that maybe you yourself could be an extraterrestrial lifeform. Then fill out this questionaire and find for sure,
Are You Really An Alien?

~For other web sites about Aliens and the search for extraterrestrial life then go my link page~
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