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Check these sites out!   If you love the arcade classics of the 80's, then you'll want to visit these sites.   You can download an emulator for your PC, Mac, or Amiga, and over 350 ROM images of arcade classics that play like the real thing!  Games such as "Time Pilot", "Tron", "Donkey Kong", "Track & Field", "Elevator Action", and so much more.  They don't play as smoothly or as nice as the CD-ROM releases of "Williams Classics", "Midway Classics", or "Microsoft Arcade Collection", but they still play very well -- better, if you have a faster Pentium machine.

The official M.A.M.E. site

A very beautiful and graphic site with links to all the ROMs you could possibly want for MAME, Sega Genesis, SNES, and other emulators!

Dave's Classic Arcade Games
This is a very well put together and informative site on video game emulation.   The ROMs are no longer found on this site, but it's still a worthy site to check out.

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"ViDeo DiFFiCuLTieS":   Our "Sister Show".  A few of our friends and fans decided to go ahead and make their own comedy show.   They have finished production of their 1st Season with 10 episodes and are currently working on their 2nd Season -- a season in which I will be doing some editing and post production work for.  I also like the title of their show!

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"Fuzzier Than Normal":  HOLY SMOKES!!!  What an incredible show!  The visual graphics and editing from their 5 episodes are a real inspiration for some of the stuff I've been working on!  Visit this very intriguing site, and learn all about the show and it's crew.  You can even download some of their show's clips and get an idea of how cool this public access show is.

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"Anything & Everything":  A sketch-comedy show based out of Virginia.   They have begun their 3rd Season and have RealVideo clips on their site.   You can also purchase their episodes on tape.

"The Loose Change Show":  A comedy show from Royal Oak, MI.  This site uses "Shockwave Flash", and contains tons of MPEG files of their show.  They currrently have 17 episodes.  They look like they have a lot of fun with this site, and they have an amusing guest book too.

Access Phoenix:  The web site of the independently run, public access studio in Phoenix, AZ.  Go to the Program Listings and see OUR show listed!

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Access Tucson:  An excellent example of how public access should be!  I am very impressed by their web site and their support of public access.  I strongly recommend visiting this site to see if your local public access studio gives the same support.   If not, tell them what Access Tucson is doing!

The Ultimate Access List:  I stumbled across this web site.  It lists every public, government, and education access station across the United States AND the globe.  They also have lists of shows that are on access.  Illegal Programming is listed under comedy.
"The James & Kevin Show":   This is a must see site!  It's the home of a very popular and well put together show on cable access in Canada.  They have RealVideo & Audio on their site, photos, plus tons of fun stuff. 
"Fusion Patrol"Yet another, Phoenix based comedy show on public access, except that this one has been on hiatus for awhile.  One of the crew members of this show is now working on ViDeo DiFFiCuLTieS.   This show has been vouched as a "staple" of Phoenix public access, but I seriously beg to differ.

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"Whatever":   You guys have got to check out this site!  It's about a comedy, public access show run by two women and DAMN!...  they are beautiful looking!  Their show has a cast and crew of real actors and alumni of USC filmschool graduates.
"Aardvark":   A 5 year comedy show from CA that I am told is very, VERY weird.
"Anarchy 101 Productions":  I'm not sure if there stuff has been on public access or not, but they have several projects made that they are selling on video rather cheaply.  One of them is "Bleak Future", a Mad Max - Dune type of movie filmed completely in Super 8mm!   Personally, I'm going to check this out.
"Brain Dead":  A comedy show in Iowa City.  Not much info about the show on this site.  I hope they fix that.
"Exit Light":  Known as the Assault Comedy Show, this program is an "R" rated show in Seattle that is rude, filthy, and downright nasty.  If you like hardcore porn and "in your face" comedy, then you're bound to love the clips they have online.
"Fiction By Louie":   A "crackpot" drama in CA.  They've got a few episodes.
"Flavours":  A comedy show in NY that looks pretty good and features music videos too.  It's not a bad site to visit.

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"Jim Lujan's Cartoons":  This is a great site folks!  The stills Jim has of his cartoons are really awesome and have that "MTV" look to them.  Just look at the banner below.   He's also got a great page of links too, so be sure to bookmark this site and check it out!

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"ROX":  They've got over 80 episodes with their latest available online.  I've watched a few of their clips, and parts are a little funny.  Most of it, I don't find interesting, but you might.  It's more of a show, than sketch-comedy.
"Uhhh":  Here's an amusing comedy show from Michigan City, Indiana.  It's a comedy series and not sketch based.
"The Sidewalk Cracks":   Lots of episodes from this sketch-comedy / variety show.  A well organized site too.

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"TV Channel 1":   Online programming entertainment featuring PA programs and old Superman cartoons.   They say they're growing, but it's been the same for the past several months.   Still, it's a cool idea if they keep up with it.

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"Claire Lawrence"
A friend of mine who passed away on May 24, 1998.  My friends have kept her web site alive and here is the new address.  Claire was a wonderful person, and we all loved her very much.  Please link here to see who she was.
"K.J. Kral"
A friend and great artist who has submitted his work to our show, Illegal Programming.  He's got some great drawings, so check them out!
"Not a Good Word About Anything"
My friend from work, Casey has links to Howard Stern sites, plus he features some of his artwork and his new image manipulation work.
"Rushylon 5"
Here's a great site from a guy who loves Babylon 5, Rush, and Kung Fu movies.  His info on the band Rush is awesome!   He rates every album and every song on them.  Very cool site.
"Audio 4280's Home Recording Studio Page"
This is an awesome sight dedicated to home recording studios and independent musicians.  It gives techniques for recording, and there's a newsletter that you can subscribe to.  There is also an excellent resource section to this site, and plenty of links to other pages.  This is definitely a good site to bookmark.
The Mill Ave. Rocky Horror Picture Show Site
Many thanks goes to the RHPS cast who graciously mention and sponsor Illegal Programming every Sat. night during the preshow.  The show, in turn, sponsor's the Mill Ave. RHPS cast on public access.
This site proudly displays independent works in video and audio.  A very excellent site, and the "Sober" version of Illegal Programming is featured on it as well as Anything & Everything.

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The Sci-Fi Channel:  The official web site.   Home of some of my favorite shows such as: "Sliders", "Space Above & Beyond", "Quantum Leap", and "Battlestar Galactica".

The Official Babylon 5 Web Site:  Home to the most popular sci-fi saga on television today.  All the info you need to know about B5 is here.

TNT's Babylon 5 site:  TNT, the cable station that saved Babylon 5 and renewed it for it's 5th and final year, has a really cool site dedicated to the popular show.  You can download trailers and much more.

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The FX Channel:  The official web site for FOX cable, and home to shows such as "X-Files", "NYPD Blue", and "Miami Vice".

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The Supercollector Web Site
This is an excellent site for sci-fi and Anime collectors.  You can order hats, B5 role playing games, videos, laserdiscs, soundtracks, and more.  It's definitely worth taking a look at.

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97.9 KUPD:  The home of Arizona's hard rock station and the longest running morning show in America, "Pratt In The Morning"-- going on its 18th year.  KUPD was recently voted as the #1 Rock Station in America by its peers.

101.5 KZON:  Arizona's Rock Alternative station, "The Zone".  You can view the station's play list, find out about concert info, and more at this site.

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93.3 KDKB:  Another great Rock 'n Roll station in Arizona.  They play all varieties of rock 'n roll from old to new.  Their morning show sucks though, and they steal everything from KUPD's Dave Pratt.

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94.5 KOOL:  The home for the valley's "fun" oldies.  I enjoy listening to the oldies once in a while.

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100.3 KSLX:  The best station in the valley for Classic Rock!  It features all the Hits and everything else in between.

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Tacoma Tortured Artists Film Festival
The first festival that our "Festival of TOM '98" of Illegal Programming was submitted to, accepted, judged, and lost.
Canyonland Film Festival
Here is the next festival that our new projects from the show will be submitted to.
Reject Film Fest
I found this site amusing.   All films that have been rejected from other festivals are welcome into this one!
Flicker Fest
This is an ongoing film festival for Super 8mm and 16mm film ONLY!  I am planning on submitting new projects to this fest.  It's a great fest, because your film will travel around the country to different festivals!
L.A. Shorts Fest
A short film festival.   Duh.
Denver Underground Film Festival
Here is another festival that our new projects from the show will be submitted to.
U.S. Film Festivals
An updated list of film festivals in the country.  Bookmark this site and visit to keep updated with the latest festival information.
The Film Festivals Server
Here is the ultimate source for finding film / video festivals!  Definitely bookmark this site!
U.S. Super 8mm Film / Video Film Festival
This festival is now on it's 10th year and accepts submissions made on 8mm/Super 8mm film and 8mm / Hi8mm video.
The Victoria Independent Film / Video Festival
Here is another festival that our new projects from the show will be submitted to.

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Super 8mm's, Regular 8mm page
Here is where you can buy and develop the old, Regular 8mm film.  I will soon be doing business with these folks due to my recent purchase of an antique 8mm camera.  I'll let you know how good they are.
The 8mm Source Sheet
Here is a great resource site about this vintage, filmmaking format with all the basic info you need to know about 8mm film.  This same site also has info about Super 8mm and 16mm film.   I highly recommend visiting this site!
Regular 8mm Filmmaking
This is a great informative site about 8mm film and plenty of links to other sources.

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super... Super... SUPER 8!:  This is an excellent resource site for Super 8mm filmmaking from the site above that resourced Regular 8mm.  It has a complete list of all available Super 8 cameras made and their features, plus many more informative things about this format.

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Super 8 Sound:  This company specializes in Super 8mm film offering professional negative film cut from 16mm, high quality video transfers, developing labs, rental and sales, plus more.   Anyone who is into Super 8 should bookmark this site.

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Super 8mm Filmmaking on a Budget:  A great site about the wonders of Super 8mm filmmaking.   Great for those of you who are just beginning in this wonderful, inexpensive format.   There's a lot of helpful information on this site about the Super 8mm.

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Monaco Labs, San Francisco
A professional lab featuring everything that you would need in 16mm developing and processing to include (expensive) transfers to Video and blowups to 35mm film from 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, and Super 16mm film.
Cine Lab
Another lab cheaper than the one above that features all of your basic lab needs for 16mm film, and they also develop Super 8mm B/W Reversal film.  Online ordering is available.  This lab is in Boston, MA.
Santa Barbara Film & Audio
A company that rents film cameras, editing equipment, and sells some film.  It's worth looking into if you need to rent equipment for your next project.

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A South Park Information Center
An awesome site for South Park that gives you just about everything you ever wanted to know about this cult cartoon series.  Very, very cool stuff here!  Bookmark this site if you love "South Park"!
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Magix:  An excellent site from the creators of Magix Music Maker, the program I use on the PC to make original music for Illegal Programming and other projects.  This is a very cool site, and you'll find one of my creations up in their library!

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Very popular, local Glam Rock band from Arizona that is just releasing their first CD, and the music kicks if you love 80's Rock!

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