There's a special tangent just waiting for you!Explore my world.So, which tangent will you follow?

Greetings.   You have stepped forth into a bold and different dimension:  the universe of Chris Shepard.  There are many tangents of this universe and dimension to explore and many more to come.  Here are some of those tangents:
  1. Galaxy Creations -- Follow this tangent to the land of my filmmaking production company responsible for shows such as "Illegal Programming (after midnight)", short films such as "Please Forgive Me", and the IPN - Illegal Programming Network.
  2. Personal -- Following this tangent will take you into the land describing the brief rundown of who I am as a person.
  3. Auto-biography -- This tangent takes you into the netherworlds of my life and history.   Brace yourselves!
  4. Education (pathway under construction) -- This tangent, when finished, will take you into the shining stars of my educational background.
  5. Talents (pathway under construction) -- When completed, this tangent will take you into the gaseous nebula that homes the many different talents and gifts I possess.
  6. Religion -- The mysterious frontier is where this tangent leads to, explaining the spritual views I have locked inside this human body of mine.
  7. Love (pathway being built) -- There's not much that this planetary body has to offer, but it does contain some interesting stories and lessons to be learned.


  1. Travels -- experience the many places I've traveled during my life.

  2. Detailed Auto-biography -- this netherworld will be redesigned and expanded to detail out my life from different phases of age groups beginning with birth.  It will not only be a written account, but a visual account that includes photos.

  3. Photo Album / Movie Archive -- Just more photos of my life's adventures to include video clips taken with my camcorder.

  4. Audio Movies -- jump into the awesome world of audio entertainment, and the many various projects I created.  Amazing how this childhood hobby later turned into filmmaking!

  5. Storybooks -- this dimension shows the unique world of a boy who told his stories with pictures -- some of which were turned into Audio Movies and vice-versa.

  6. Radio Airwaves -- this altered reality describes a fictional radio station I created, mastered to tape, and had several volumes made from 1984 to 1994.  Some of them have been remastered to DAT.

  7. Airborne! -- in the wild blue yonder comes this world which talks about my interests in aviation and astronomy.
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  8. Out On The Town -- a descriptive guide to the many fascinating stops and barhops that I enjoy venturing.

  9. Passtimes -- things I love to do to pass the time.


Religion -- I've been wanting to update this for the past year, and finally got to it!  More is going to worked on in this area, but for now this new page will do.

Visitors to this unique universe.

Updated on 06/05/99.

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