Rev. Deb in AZ

"It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is." (Hermann Hesse)

"I was going to change the world, but something sparkly distracted me." (Anonymous)


About Me

My name is Deb. I was raised in Chicago, went to school at Northern Illinois University (in DeKalb, IL), then moved to Houston, Corpus Christi, Highlands Ranch (south of Denver), back to Chicago again, then up to the northwoods (Traverse City, Michigan), finally down to the Southwest Desert (Sedona, Arizona) where I'm currently planted.

In addition to hosting chat rooms at SpiritForum (join me in #Spirit-ReflectingPool), I am an ordained Interfaith Minister, a visual artist, a Reiki Master, a vegetarian, a devotee of chinese tonic herbs, and an avid reader. In order to support my habits, I make my income as a Financial Eligibility Specialist for the Verde Valley Guidance Clinic and teach computer classes at the local college. I am also the Director of Internet Communication for The New Seminary. I still manage to find time for drumming and journeying, Kriya Yoga (meditation) studies with the Self Realization Fellowship (Paramahansa Yogananda), helping folks with their computer systems, and designing and producing webpages.
I enjoy communing with nature... especially hiking and downhill skiing.

Raised Catholic, I was "born again" in 1982, and "awakened" in 1995. My current spiritual path is A Course in Miracles (ACIM) with a smattering of Zen, Hindu and New Thought. My most firmly held belief is that all paths lead to the same place. We each pick a belief system that fits, and which helps lead us to that place in the most expedient manner possible.

Phrases I use to describe myself: 100% Taurus, Polish Princess,
Renaissance Woman (which sounds better than jack-of-all-trades.)

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