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Peru, a tourist destination where you can find all climates of the world, which can offer you the chance to rediscover: its fascinating beaches, a wide range of cuisines and a rich history with thousands of archaeological sites scattered throughout its vast territory, its beautiful colonial paths, traditions and ancestral customs as well as indigenous communities deeply integrated to Pachamama (Earth Mother).    

Puerto Maldonado is one of the jungles unique that under the well-deserved national recognition by Law No. 26 311 with the title "Capital of Biodiversity of Peru" Where you can see abundant flora, fauna and wildlife, is one of the greatest biodiversity on the planet.


INKA TRAIL  Day 01: Cusco – Wiñayhuayna – Aguas Calientes.

Pick up from the hotel at 5.30am for moving towards the train station of Poroy  for a trip of 3 hours towards km. 104 by the railroad of  CuscoMachu Picchu. After the spot of control Beginning of our trekking towards the archeological complex of  Chachabamba (masl 2150), after the visit we will start an ascending road of 8 kilometers, after 4 hours  of trekking we will arrive to the archeological complex of Wiñayhuayna (masl 2700). This is an astonishing complex with a farming center with several terraces, a religious sector and an urban one. In the lower part we will have magnificent sights as the Valley of the Urubamba River and the archeological complex of Choquesuysuy located in the other side of the river, and we will also be able to watch a beautiful waterfalling located at a few minutes from Wiñayhuayna, afterwards we will go up towards Intipunku, “The Sun Gate”, this will take an hour of walking along a road of stones at the edge of the cliffs of the mountain. From this spot we will be able to watch the Sacred Citadel of  Machu Picchu. De intipunku descenderemos hacia Machu Picchu to then take the  bus towards Aguas Calientes. Accomodation during the night at the selected hotel.


INKA TRAIL  Day 02: Aguas Calientes – Machupicchu - Cusco

Pick up from your hotel to arrive to the bus to directo towards the citadel Machu Picchu, to then start immediately begin with our visit to the Inca Citadel where we will have approximately two hours of visit.  Afterwards you will have a free time to walk around the citadel or go up the mountain Huaynapicchu, from where it can be seen spectacular sights of all the ciitadel of Machu Picchu, as valleys and mountains that surround it or visit the Temple of the Moon and the fabulous inca.  By the afternoon return to the town of  Aguas Calientes where you will be able to visit and relax in its springfalls To then take our train of returning to the city of Cusco. Arriving around night.

INKA TRAIL It includes:

• Pick up from the hotel in hours of the morning by bus towards the Station of San Pedro of Cusco.
• Ticket for train from Cusco to Km. 104 (Backapcker Service)
• Entrance to  Camino Inca Trail and  Machu Picchu.
• Hotel in Aguas Calientes.
• professional guide (2 Guides over 8 people)
• Feeding: 1 breakfast at the  hotel / 1 box lunch / dinner at the  restaurant.
• Box for first aids.
• ballon of oxygen
• Ticket for bus for Machupicchu – Aguas Calientes. (1st. Day)
• Ticket for train for Aguas Calientes – Cusco (Backpacker Service).

INKA TRAIL  It does not include:

 • 1st. Breakfast and lunch the last day; after visiting Machupicchu you have free time to enjoy the ruins and you may choose between taking lunch at Machupicchu or Aguas Calientes.The arrival to Cusco is an approximate of 9.25pm.
• Visit to the springfalls of Aguas Calientes: you may relax whilst waiting for the train for returnng to
• Cusco, which is located at ten minutes from the town. 
• Buses del 2do. Día Aguas calientes – Machupicchu – Aguas calientes.


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