Club members meet informally on Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and any other time we feel like having a play!

Sunday mornings are general "free for all" use of the waters.

Wednesday evenings (during summer months) are for 1M yacht racing.

Thursday afternoons (duing winter months) and evenings (summer months) are for scale model sailing.

Friday afternoons (during winter months) are for 1m yacht racing.

Over Easter weekend, the club is usually invited to put a stand in the local model railway club show at Forum 28 in Barrow.

The club holds a scale model regatta at the park lake in September or August each year, to which anyone is welcome to bring a model and compete in the various events.

Each November, we host a 1M race day for the winter series of races organised by the Northern area association of the M.Y.A.

Details and dates of all events will be posted on these pages when finalised.

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