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Now all of us could probably care less on the tech part of the mini sieres but I have to clear up a few pointers. First off, the kids are too old in `62. I mean by `68 The older boy now served 5 1/2 yrs in Vietnam without dieing. The younger brother in Loyola in Chi town has been in school for 5 yrs and missed a grade then dropped out. The daughters kid would be 3 1/2 yrs old. Meaning the kids should have been in grade school in `62, in order to be the correct age portrayed in the movie in `68. Like me the big dumbies. And why didn't they make Haight & Ashbery in Frisco look like the real thing? Where's the 3 story bldg. with the big smily face on the side thats been there for years? And there is a park across the street where people always made love there day & nite. What about the buckets of lids on the sidewalk while police walked by. & How could she be on the streets when everyone dealt drugs. But all in all it's purely entertaining and the music blows me away. Start a Revolution, Have a revolution! Volunteers of America! Great Jefferson Airplane! Not metioning Traffic or Spirit, what a musical line up. The song time lines are correct. Meaning they didn't release a song b-4 it was made. Purely in my opinion very entertaining. Spoken by experience, by a real hippie that been in Haight & Ashbery in `68 and at the Chi Democratic Convention and in LA. So if you want the real true story, from someone who's lived it. Get my book *Hippie-Daze Recovery-Knights* Klick the circular Hippie Daze above to link an order, from **ME**!!! Thee ~ Honorable Dr. Lou Who?

By the way, don't try to contact nbc.com or even register, because they won't let you!

NBC use to be the right winged old fogie's in the `60s, just for your info!

But you can put anything in the x`s & they'll get it like xxxxx@nbc.com

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