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You will see the original version, left untouched as an ARCHIVE! You will see all the originally made PAGES left as is, from August 1998. But first you will find the top part is an updated version 2 years ago. From September 2000 before you see the older links.

Kewl hippie photos of the 60s

Please note this comment added on Friday 11-29-02 3PM

There are many pages and links here that worked some 4+ years ago. Over 60 pages and many links were made on this site. Some great, others just begining. I left these as a reminder of progression on developing websites. Some thing to and not to do. Others as a comparisom. But all and all, virtually untouched. I don't like to update the pages that I made. I make new ones. As a result you see the difference. To see most of my new works and websites and updates. My main website, for latter viewing is www.LouWho.com CLICK HERE to see it. Opens in new window.
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" The `6Kewl hippie photos of the 60ss "

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