The Amazing Amanda

Amanda's Timeline

Date of birth ????? (A lady never tells)

Approximate: 820AD

Highlander the Series episode/Highlander the Raven episode

If a date is blue and underlined it is a link to the flashback.


Amanda is a theif, she steals a loave of bread and is beaten to death for it. Rebecca Snow saves her from being burnt with victums of the plague. Rebecca becomes her teacher.


Amanda has learned all that Rebecca can teach her...she must now go out into the world. Rebecca has taught her to read and write, plus the rules of the game.

850AD "Legacy" 853AD "Methuselah's Gift"

Amanda is being hunted by Heingst the Saxon, this is her first challenge from another of her kind. She returns to Rebecca for sanctuary, But Rebecca forces her to meet the challenge.


In her wanderings Amanda happens upon a new immortal. Only problem this immortal is only 12 years old. She takes him under her wing. Unfortunatley she is seperated from Kenny when hung for stealing.

854AD "Methuselah's Gift" 1180 "Reunion"

Amanda and her partner Jeremy Dexter plan to rob Queen Mary. They pose as monks with special icons to promote child bearing.


Amanda's student Christina is about to be wed to Phillip of Spain to unite the two kingdoms. Vladimire Rankov is making money from this war and tries to steal the dowry. Amanda stops him and he kills Christina for revenge.

1554 "Thick as Thieves" 1564 "The Manipulator"

Amanda suspects Evan Peyton of slowly poisoning his brother. Evan did not make the transition to immortality well...he went mad.


Amanda meets a young immortal named Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod.

1610 "Dead on Arrival" 1635 "Legacy"
Black Forest

Amanda's friend and teacher Susanne is a mid-wive and herbalist. Julian Heller uses the charge of witchcraft to get rid of the competition. Amanda has to kill Susanne so she will not suffer as she is burnt at the stake.

This appears to be the end of Amandas flashbacks until the 1700's.  
1643 "The Ex-Files"    

To be Continued....


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