You must believe ...that there is more behind the headlines and the manufactured news stories.  It is our job to dig, to find the Hidden truth.

They are watching you.

Commentary Archive




8/27/2004 Greenspanís warnings go unheeded.

8/25/2004 Bush as the 2nd Coming

8/23/2004 King George's Cake

8/20/2004 Astral Projection and Vampires.

8/15/2004  You are all Ants!

8/15/2004  Reprogramming

8/15/2004  My Brain. (Image)

8/14/2004  Loyalty Oath to George W Bush.  Long live the King!

8/13/2004  Why I'm here.

8/12/2004  Thoughts on the upcoming right wing takeover.

8/12/2004  Prozac in the water. 

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