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9/21/2004  Deal with the Devil

‘The US does not make deals with terrorists.’

This statement is a fallacy.

Take the simplest example from this week's news.  The US has now lifted some economic sanctions from Libya.  Libya is currently paying reparations for a couple of terrorist acts that they sponsored. (1) By Bush's own definition, Libya as a terrorist supporting state is no different than a terrorist:

"Any government that supports, protects or harbours terrorists is complicit in the murder of the innocent and equally guilty of terrorist crimes.”(2)

The leader that was in power in Libya at the time of the attacks is still in power now. We are negotiating with him.  Therefore we negotiate with terrorists. 

The 3rd paragraph from the AP story shows the negotiations in action:

“Libya had threatened to cancel the compensation payment if the sanctions had not been lifted by Wednesday.”

Does the terrorist dictator now get a pass because he has “renounced” WMD’s?  I think the further negotiations give the lie to that idea:

The US is now in negotiations over oil contracts in Libya.  (3)

Negotiations with Terrorists are ongoing, as long as they have oil.


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