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9/20/2004 Bigotry in Politics

New Orleans- Chock another one up for the Christian right. The great state of Louisiana on Saturday passed a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. The measure was passed by nearly four to one. The voter turnout however, is the most depressing part. 26 percent, less than one third of all voters in the state made a visit to the polls. The number only reflects those lucky enough to actually cast their ballot. Many precincts did not even have voting machine present until after noon. This current predicament is now under investigation, although a re-vote (including the multiple local races that were on the ballot) is unlikely.

This blatant display of ignorance by the Louisianan voters, reflect a growing trend in the United States. The willingness to condemn and legally bar individuals and couples of rights seems to be swelling.  Apparently the movement is in the name of religion, to Ďsave the sanctity of marriage.í What puzzles me is the lack of legislation banning divorce or serious laws against adultery. To be honest, this is not about marriage any more than the war in Iraq is about weapons of mass destruction or terrorism. Simply put, the right hates gays. Thatís it. I have yet to hear an argument against this fact.

Now that the citizens of our state have begun to be attacked by needless legislation (the state already has a restriction on gay marriage and civil unions) we will soon see the effects. Until then, we can just wait and pray that Jesus knows the difference between judgmental bigots and those of us who donít feel it necessary to run otherís lives. I find it odd how the right can claim that they want less government and less restrictions of the peopleís lives, yet seem so eager to pass measures like these.

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