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9/3/2004  Killing

I am committed to non-violent means of change.  I believe we will change from within through education and enlightenment both scientific and religious.  The internet is an incredible vehicle for it.  Communication technology is improving on almost an hourly basis these days.  From multi-spectrum fiber optics to nano-tubes to quantum entanglement.  All of this will improve understanding around the world. 

We need not kill each other any more.

The reason change must happen is to stop the violence that is coming all to close to home.  The violence we watch on the evening news every night.  We turn it into video games as a release.  We hide the facts from ourselves by turning it over to Hollywood and fiction authors.  That way we can live with ourselves and sleep a little. 

You see, Americans do know what is going on in the world.  It is in our face on a daily basis if you allow yourself to pay attention a little.  Lot’s of folks still do. 

We force it out of our consciousness for a variety of reasons.  But we still know, we are not oblivious.  We try to assuage the guilt by philanthropic gifts but it only goes so far.

What if all the killing stopped?  Could we then concentrate on something more important?  How about answering the question of “Why are we here?” in a combined effort instead of trying to pound each factional view into others’ heads?


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