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8/29/2004  States Rights and Slavery, A response in another forum.

First on states rights (Which I take to mean “Local Government Rights”): 

Government is better when it is local and small in size.  Local government understands the problems of the area better than someone in DC that has never visited.  Does this mean than states should "rise up" and fight with violence against national government.  Absolutely not.  There are much more effective and long-term methods of supporting local government rights.

Second, on slavery:

Why are we still discussing this issue in 2004?  Have we not proven that ownership of another human being is morally and ethically wrong?  Yes, much of this country was built upon the backs of African Americans and without the free labor we would not be the superpower we are today.  With this acknowledged, can we honestly say that this was the correct way to go?  We are powerful today because of the violence of the past.  What we should be discussing is ways to ensure slavery is totally eradicated from the world (still prevalent in many countries) and never rears its ugly head again.


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