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8/28/2004  Jeb Bush Steals Oil from Private Landowner.

Today it was reported by the Associated Press that a landowner in the Florida Everglades was going to be forcibly removed from his home.  (see link)


The government through our buddy Jeb has declared that it is going to become a protected reserve.  This is untrue. 

The real reason that Jeb is stealing the land is the oil underneath it.  Our own government admits to the large reserve currently under the state of Florida, a significant portion in the undeveloped land of the Everglades.

According to the Department of Energy, Florida has:  Crude Oil Proved Reserves: 75 million barrels (2001) (Source:  Energy Information Administration, eia.doe.gov)

Yes, a few years ago George W. announced a plan to protect the Everglades.  This is another example of his talking a good bit but not following through on his actions. Instead of protecting the land he has opened it up to development and exploitation.  (see link) 


Instead of protecting the property rights of its citizens the government is committing theft in order to recover ownership of valuable oil resources.  Do we say anything?  No, we are too busy watching reality TV and Britany Spears.


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