"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier.   Just so long as I'm the dictator."  

George W Bush.

Oil Alert: Red (9/28/2004)

Well, well.  Excellent work George.  Your policies in the US and the Middle East have succeeded in driving the price of oil past $50/barrel.  Your friends must be very pleased.

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(Reuters)  Finally Good News

Hostages are released instead of beheaded.  Amazing.  Thank goodness for common sense over religious righteousness.


(CNN)  Screw Freedom of the Press

Who needs it?  Certainly not the presidential candidates.  Are they going to release the scripts beforehand too?  Maybe Kerry and Bush are working together towards a common goal of dictatorship.




I'm not doing news today, I'm tired of the hate, bigotry, greed and killing.  Can't we stop?




(WP)  Powell Admits Iraq is Worse

No kidding?  I thought things were going so well in Iraq.  What happened?  Does that mean the George Bush is blowing it out his ass?  NO FUCKING SHIT ASSHOLE!!  The quagmire in Iraq has made the US less safe from international terrorism, period.


(Scotsman)  The Killing Cycle Continues

How in the world does Israel think this makes them safer?  Revenge begets revenge and the wheel rolls on.


Deal with the Devil

‘The US does not make deals with terrorists.’

This statement is a fallacy.  9/21/2004  


Electronic Voting, Bad Idea

There is a possibility of hacking but I believe it to be low.  There is a more likely possibility that these strategically placed machines are to be rigged.  9/13/2004


Beacon on a Hill

Other countries watch the mistakes that the US makes and learn how to avoid them. 9/7/2004



I am committed to non-violent means of change.  9/3/2004 


Opposition to Martial Law

My reason for opposition to martial law has to do with lack of choice.  8/31/2004  


Reality TV or Thinking?

Someone asked this question.  I have an answer.  Me?  An opinion?  Never!  8/29/2004


States Rights and Slavery

First on states rights (Which I take to mean “Local Government Rights”):  8/29/2004


Jeb Bush Steals Oil

Today it was reported by the Associated Press that a landowner in the Florida Everglades was going to be forcibly removed from his home. 8/28/2004

Bigotry in Politics

Contributed by Abandonship

New Orleans- Chock another one up for the Christian right. The great state of Louisiana on Saturday passed a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. The measure was passed by nearly four to one. The voter turnout however, is the most depressing part.


Political Fix: The Saudi Royals and Michael Moore  Contributed by Kami

I have strange methods of getting my news. I scan headlines in the Times Picayune, and if something seems interesting or relevant enough, I read the article.  9/8/2004 


Torture in New York

Contributed by Abandonship

Yesterday a friend and co-worker was working all morning via her cell phone, to get a friend of hers out of central lock up in NYC.  8/29/2004  


US is rapidly becoming a Police State

"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator."  President George W Bush.  8/19/2004


Dungnuggets part 1

Religious clerics eons and eons ago came together at a truce table.  8/15/2004






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