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I am a 21-years-old female living with the HIV virus.

I don't want to spend my last 10 to 15 years left to live working 2 or 3 minimum-wage jobs just to pay my medication.

If it is so, I prefer not to take any meds and die.

Normal, healthy people retire in their late fifties or early sixties, because they know they have a decade or two left in this world and they want to live life to its fullest: travel, play sports, spend time with their loved ones.

Then, why wouldn't someone who is 21 and will die in a decade "retire", too?

I want to spend time with my beloved fiancÚ, travel, learn, help other people too. But for this, I need money to get by.

Before you judge me, please read my story. You will see that I am truly a VICTIM and did not take obvious risk like using injection drugs or cheat on my boyfriend with another man. I was infected through something I never thought would be risky.

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