John and Peter Wiley Families

John Wiley (Wylie/Wyley) is my 7G grandfather. It is believed he was born ca 1720 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From the research of Laurie Gerber, we have found that John married Catherine Chambers 3 Oct 1738 which was recorded at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Above is the scanned copy from Microfilm records provided by Laurie Gerber.


John's children were all baptised at the church aforementioned. Son John was born 15 Jul 1739 and baptised 1 Aug 1739. Son Peter - See below. Son Alexander was born 29 Aug 1742 and was baptised 13 Sep 1742. Daughter Mary was born 10 Jul 1744 and was baptised 2 Aug 1744. There are more children, but these are the only ones listed through the church. John Wiley was quite a landowner. On 19 Aug 1765, John deeded 400 acres of land to sons Peter and Alexander. John's will was proven 20 Nov 1792 by John Davis and John Wiley Jr. It was written 3 Jan 1792 and divided his estate between sons John, Peter and Alexander. He signed it John Wylie. His date of death is listed as 1 Sep 1792 in Kentucky.


Peter Wiley


Peter Wiley was born 12 Oct 1740 and baptised 29 Oct 1740 at Phildelphia Pennsylvania. Below is a scanned copy of his baptism recorded in the parish records.

Peter married ca 1768 around Augusta County, Virginia to Mary Sharkey, daughter of Patrick and Anne Sharkey of Botetourt County, Virginia. In 1769, Peter (and wife Mary) and Alexander (and wife Mary) sell part of the 400 acre deed from their father. In one Montgomery County, VA tax list, Peter is listed as owning 1370 acres.

Peter and Mary had the following children:

1. Catherine Annie Wiley (1771-1850) who married Benjamin Crowley II on 15 Dec 1795 in Oglethorpe County, Kentucky and had the following children: Lt Thomas Crowley (Cythia Campbell), Samuel Crowley (Sarah Hutchins), John Crowley (died young), Wiley Crowley (Lucy Capps), Polly Crowley (Abraham Pevehouse, Jasper McDaniel), Benjamin Crowley III (died young), Margaret (Charles Robertson) and Sarah (Thomas Lamb). This family settled in Lawrence County, Arkansas and Greene County, Arkansas on a piece of land now known as Crowley's Ridge.

2. Anne Wiley (1772-?) who married Jesse Lee

3. John Wiley Jr (1773-?)

4. Matthew Wiley (1774-?) who married 6 Dec 1799 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia to Betty Shields.

5. Elizabeth (1775-?) who married 4 Nov 1810 in Jackson County, Georgia to David Owen.

6. Thomas Wiley (1776-?)

7. Patrick Wiley (1777-aft 1820) who married Catherine Branson and had the following children: Washburn, Wilkerson, Wilson and Elizabeth.

8. Margaret Wiley (1778-?) who married 27 Nov 1800 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia to Sylvester Nelson and had the following children: Sarah, Wiley, Cynthia and Martha Elvira.

9. James Wiley (1779-?) who married 19 Jul 1809 to Elizabeth Payton.

10. Nicholas Wiley (1780-?) who married 4 Jul 1816 in Wilkes County, Georgia to Nancy Render.

Peter's will was proven 20 Jun 1805 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. He died in May of 1805. His wife survived him. Peter left something to all of his children. Most only received twenty-five cents. Below is a scanned copy of his actual signature from his will.



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