Kurt Donald Cobain. Known as a man of mystery, viewed as a suicidal junkie, loved by many. Until April 8, 1994. The world of grunge was shocked to hear that it's pioneer was found dead of a shotgun wound to the head. The police found a note, a suicide note. It was official, the police had declared it as a suicide.

             But is that really what happened? That's the question that sparked many conspiracies and wacked out theorists. But what if they're right? What if he WAS murdered?
But what if the theorists are wrong? Does any of the so-called "evidence" make sense? Who would want to kill a rockstar? What would they have to gain from Kurt's death? What if Kurt DID kill himself and millions of his fans are just in denial? These are common questions of non-supporters of the murder theory. They say this with as much sarcasm as they can. But what if THEY are the ones who are wrong? But what if they're right?
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