First gen Ford Probe


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Performance Mods


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**UPDATE 5/8/00**

    I have finally updated my site, the links page was some what updated, and "My Probe" section has been updated somewhat. the major change is that i've added a gallery to my site. there are only two pictures up, but i'm going to be adding some more this week. Thats about it, the pictures of my car will be up tomorrow morning (hopefully), if not, they will be up sometime this week. thanks for stopping by, drop me an email with suggestion, any misprints that you see, links that you think should be up here, or if you want your Probe up in the gallery.

**UPDATE 2/15/00 **

    well i updated the links page, but thats about it, seeing as i'm really lazy and haven't taken the pictures of my car yet. but have no fear, i will take them this week, and they will be up next weekend. Seems like my two-tone interior is going to have to either be scratched, or postponed, cant find a place to help me out. Right now, i'm looking in to a set of Intrax lowering springs, and maybe some asthetic work, but it's on hold right now, due to the fact all i've been doing is helping a friend with his integra, but since thats done, i'm back to focusing on the probe. but prom is coming up, so i need to save for that, but still probe first.


Welcome to my Web site!

This page is deticated to my car. I own a 1990 Ford Probe GL. I know not the fast car, but it will be soon. I decided to make this page when I noticed that most of the probe pages on the web were for the second generation Probe. So if you see something here that you like or you want some information on the car, i can probably help you. I've owned my car since early March of 1999, and have been learning about it ever since. So look around, you may find something you like, and if theres something that you don't like or would like to see, then email me.




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