"Let us teach him in his sleep as though she came to be from his rib so that woman will serve and he will be lord over her." 
Passage from 'The Untitled Text', Nag Hammadi codices 4th Century CE
Gnosis 101
Introduction to Gnosis
A short history of Gnosticism
Los Angeles Times interview on Gnosticism
A brief summary of Gnosticism
Gnosis and Genesis
Gnosis, Metaphor and myth

The Mystery of Iniquity
Gnostics, Zoroastrians, and Dualism
Gnosticism- The esoteric religion
Gnosticism in depth- School of Alexandria
An introduction to the Nag Hammadi Library
Hollywood goes Gnostic?
ake up! Gnosticism & Buddhism in The Matrix
Why are Gnostic teachings missing?
Gnostic Beliefs- Heresies?
Gnostic Christianity
14th Century Inquisitor describes a Gnostic group
The Feminine and the multi-centered God Image
Gnosticism and its legacies (real audio 45 mins)
J.R.R. Tolkien's Gnosis for Our Day (real audio 45 mins)
The Sorrow of Sophia: Feminine Devine Image of Suffering (real audio 46 mins)
Nag Hammadi codices and other texts
"The Untitled Text" (On the Origin of the World)
The Hypostasis of the Archons
The Concept of Our Great Power
The Exegesis on the Soul
The Testimony of Truth
The Apocryphon of John
Plato's 'Myth of the Cave'
The Soul in Its Coat of All Colours (Mandaean)
The Soul's Deliverance(Mandaean)
Wise Thoughts
Wise Proverbs
Perspective Page

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All Truths Are Positions
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The Seat of the Soul
Gary Zucav

The Four Agreements
Don Miguel Ruiz

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