Why the fuck do we hurt eachother,

Ain't every motherfucker suppose to be brothers?,

No matter what color?

Why the fuck do we do this shit?,

Man ain't humankind a bitch?,

There's nothing else, it's just full of shit,

Admit it u noe there ain't nothing to look forward too anymore,

Humanity killing anything on fucking fours,

It doesn't work anymore

Humanity don't make us soar,

Wait, nope, not anymore,

Look around you, it's shows you everywhere,

Atrocities, Massacres, and now terrorists to bear,

It ain't just fucking fair,

We all just falling into nightmare,

And all because some dumbass is failing,

Taking it out on others coz his life isn't sailing,

U can trace it back far,

Or have a look near,

Doesn't matter, it makes u wanna burn in tears,

U can let it out but theres no fucking use,

Later something else will give you a reason to cry,

That lump in ur throat,

Makes you wanna die,

No longer want to live in this shitty world,

U just wanna crawl up and curl,

Block all the shit happening from coming in,

Just like the women who dunt wanna be raped,

Or the men lined up about to be shot,

Man fuck this shit thats wot I'm saying,

There's no master's so there's no use obeying,

Just live ur life out as best as u can,

Maybe when we die,

We'll all understand.

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