With trust and loyalty I let u borrow my shit,

But now I just wanna fucking blow u to bits,

Until I'm satisfied and my feelin's fit,

Because of this,

You think ur ass everyone will kiss,

Maybe u should think about it before u go on,

When u realise the truth why dunt u go and get gone,

Coz truth is, ur just like everyone else,

If you do bad things then ur goin to hell,

People tell,

How ur life just fucking fell,

While ur fucking the boss's wife at Dell,

Tryin' to figure out how many computer's u sell,

I tried to be nice and let u borrow my stuff,

Why did u hav to make this so tough,

And make me watch it go up in a puff,

How can I ever trust u again?,

Looks like u gonna hav to go find someone else then,

So then u can go and ruin their shit,

But I can't guarantee it's u they won't hit,

Maybe they'll even treat u like King,

Wake up dog, first u gotta fucking sing,

I hope now it's the truth u see,

So gimme back my DVD,

No to mention the ten other things,

Ten other things, equals ten fucking sins,

Throw ur picture in the fucking bin,

Someone else's house u gonna walk in,

I'm not easy goin about losing my possessions,

So let us all ask the million dollar question,

When are u gonna gimme my stuff,

Or is ur mom gonna become a fucking slut,

And what,

She gonna go and start fucking ur mut,

Tell u what, I really dunt give a FUCK,

So do me a favour, start returning my stuff,

Or else I'll have to start making things rough...

Even if it puts friendship on rocks!

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