I feel I can no longer talk to u,

Coz u disgrace me,

And my friends too,

Iím tired of you bitching about what they like,

You can go and fucking take a hike,

You donít like them because theyíre not the same ,

Well then you must be insane,

Youíre just a fucking pain,

Man u r so fucking lame,

How dare you insult them like you did,

Like we did when we were kids,

But I grew up, why canít u

So what if theyíre different, what you gonna do?

Go fuck urself,

Donít do it again,

Or theyíll diss u fucking times ten,

A fucking rat to ur mom I will send,

When the fuck will this end?,

What do u mean stay away from them?

Either way they still my friends,

Hey if you donít like what my friends do,

Then maybe you should try it,

Maybe ull even like it,

So u and ur kind can go get fucked,

Go away and good luck,

Donít talk to me, ever again,

Not until u become a man,

Learn to accept others for what they r,

Why should they change themselves,

Just because u fucking laughed,

In the end, thereís one last thing to say,

For dissing them, I hope u pay....

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